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My Plan!

This is my plan of action for technology integration.

Kelly Schaefer

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of My Plan!

I've learned so much in my Curricular Integration of Ed Technology class... Learning Thories Web 2.o Video Sound Game Based Learning Comic Creation Web development But what now?.?!? I need a plan! There are so many teaching tools I want to try but I don't have my own classroom yet. How can I use what I have learned as well as build upon my knowledge without students to work with? eureka! I could start a blog! Over 200 million people update their blogs on a regular basis. A blog would be a great place to share my ideas about how to integrate technology and what technology resources other educators are using. Plus, using this technology for myself will help me to get into the habit of blogging for my future classrom. Within my blog I can post about learning theories through podcasts through videos and digital storytelling about games to teach with I could even post technology based lesson plans that I have created or that I want to try in the future. Blogging Timeline research a blog forum where I can connect with other educators Start blogging on a biweekly basis Right away - Within the first month - Find at least 3 other bloggers that I am interested in following Start adding found videos about learning theories Within the first 3 months - ask at least one question to a blogger that I am following add a comic to my blog Review at least one game that I could imagine using in my classroom Within the first 5 months - Regularly Interact with at least two other bloggers through comments or questions blog using a podcast I will call this blogcasting post at least three technology based lesson plans Within the first 9 months - Incorporte at least two new technology in learning technoques into the blog continue include research, videos, podcasts, games, lesson plans etc. regularly seek out other bloggers to interact with By next year at this time - Have a regular following of other bloggers have utilized what I have learned through blogging in my own classroom continue to blog through a variety of techniques Continue to research new techniques to keep content fresh and interesting By setting up a network of other bloggers to interact with,
I will be held accountable to keeping my own blog updated. I expect this to be an exciting new challange. I would love to connect with any of you who already have a blog. Let's keep teaching each other how to be better teachers!
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