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The King of Mazy May

No description

Brenna Chaya

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The King of Mazy May

"The King of Mazy May"
by: Jack London.

This story has a external man vs. man conflict.
The theme of this story is to stand up for what is right.
This is the theme of the story because Walt rides all the way to Dawson to help Loren Hall get his claim. So he was standing up for Loren Hall.
Point of View
Who are the protagonist and antagonist in the story?
In this story Walt is the protagonist and the claim jumpers are the antagonist.
The protagonist's goal
The protagonist's goal is to get to Dawson before the claim jumpers get there and jump Loren Hall's property.
What does the antagonist do?
In the story the antagonist tries to block the protagonist from reaching his goal by chasing after him to Dawson with guns.
Characteristics of the protagonist.
Brave - Walt is brave because on page #258 it says that Walt's father is strong and brave, and Walt is growing up to be just like him.

Kind - Walt is very kind because on page #258 he had agreed to look over both his father's claim and Loren Hall's claim which shows he is very kind.

Adventurous - Walt is adventurous because on page #261 he stole the claim jumper's dogs and went on an adventure making him adventurous .

Characteristics of the antagonist
Untrustworthy - The claim jumpers are untrustworthy because on page #260 it says that any man could get the list of records and the claim jumpers are using the records to jump claims which makes them untrustworthy.

Greedy -The claim jumpers are greedy because on page #260 it says that Loren Hall's claim was rich and the claim jumpers were going to jump it even though they had their own claim.

Determined - The claim jumpers are determined because on page#262 it says that the irish man gets out of the snow and grabs on to the sled which makes him determined to get Walt.

Whose point of view is the story told from?
The story is told from 3rd person limited.
Who is telling the story?
A narrator is telling the story.
How do I know?
I know this because the narrator only knows the thoughts of one character. The author also uses words like he, they, them, etc.
Where does the story take place?
This story takes place in the Mazy May Creek in the Klondike, an area in the Yukon Territory of Canada.
What is the place like?
The area of where the story takes place is very cold outside. It is a tundra with lots of ice and snow year round.
When does the story take place?
The story takes place at the end of the 19th century in the afternoon.
The main conflict
The main conflict is Walt is trying to get to Dawson before the claim jumpers jump Loren Hall's claim.
Summary of the conflict
Walt hears the claim jumpers talking about jumping Loren Hall's un-recorded claim, so he decides to steal their dogs and race to Dawson before they can jump the claim. The claim jumpers see Walt and chase after him with guns.
The exposition is when Walt agreed to watch his father's claim and Loren Hall's claim. Walt is worried because Loren Hall was heading to Dawson to record his claim but he can't walk too fast because he had hurt his leg not too long ago.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Walt hears the claim jumpers talking about jumping Loren Hall's claim. Walt steals the claim jumpers dogs and sled and starts on the trail.
The climax happens when the claim jumpers see Walt with their dogs and sled heading to Dawson. The claim jumpers chase after him with guns the whole way to Dawson.
Falling action
Walt had discovered that he had choose the wrong lead dog and the claim jumpers were getting close. Then a bullet hits the bad lead dog and Walt pulls him to the side.
Walt gets to Dawson before the claim jumpers and he claims Loren Hall's property for him. Walt was now the king of Mazy May.
Page #262
" Yet, with the quickness of a cat"
page #259
"The creek's as rich as a United States mint!"
Figurative Language
There is figurative language in this story. Here are some examples of figurative language throughout the story.
Literary Elements
The author creates suspense by saying that Walt's heart was beating wildly while he was getting chased by the claim jumpers.
Author's purpose
The author's purpose of writing this book is to entertain the reader but also give facts about the gold rush.
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