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Alex Bailey

on 13 November 2014

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1.I think that Anh was in his late 20s when he was going to meet his father again.

2.I think he chose to start his memoir with the incident because it give you a little bit of background information to after he had made it to Australia to try a get people to understand what he had to go through.

Chapter 1
1.Anh’s Mother: Met Tam when she was trying to catch a train to sell goods.

Anh’s Dad/Tam: Helped Anh’s mother to sell goods and later had Anh.

Uncle Thunh: Contracted malaria in the war in vietnam but survived due to strange medical procedures.

Uncle Huy: Mothers second eldest brother. Bigger build than Thunh. Better looking than Thanh. Became a jesuit priest.

Grandmother: Looked after 10 kids.

Grandfather: Was in the army.

Chapter 1
2.Vietnam is next to the South China Sea. It has three countries with joining borders. South-west is Cambodia, west is Laos and north is China.

3.From 1857-1954, the French ruled all of Vietnam.

4.America started sending troops to the Vietnam war in July 1964 to 27 January 1973.

5a.The capital of North Vietnam is Hanoi.
b.The capital of south Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City.
c.South Vietnam helped Australia and America in the Vietnam war.

Chapter 1
6.When America evacuated from Vietnam at the end of the war, many South Vietnamese people that help the Americans were taken to America to start a new life.

7.Anh’s Uncle Thunh was sent to a jungle as a part of a labour gang. He contracted malaria after months of walking through the jungle. He survived it from strange medical procedures but left him infertile.

8.Many large vietnamese families that had lots of kids gave nicknames to the kids. The nicknames were just numbers. They were ordered in the order of their birth.

9.Anh’s father had a friend called Vu on the other team during the war. Vu’s uncle had become a high ranking officer so Vu took one of the uniforms and some paper work. One summer day, Anh’s father walked straight into the re-education camp, Ordered the commanding officer to release to release his wife's brothers.

Chapter 2

1.The boat that Anh’s family escaped on was a small, old, creaky fishing boat with a fishy smell.

2.Two of the problems that the family had to overcome were some communist soldiers stopped them when they were on the river and the pirates that were threatening to kill a baby and to cut a young girls arm.

3.When they got attacked, there were many horrific events that htey had to overcome. One of them was when the pirates threatened to throw a baby overboard, another was when they threatened to cut a young womans arm and another was when they kidnapped the lady.

4.They were saved when a german ship came up beside them. They had to break their boat with an axe to get saved.

Chapter 3
1.The phrase that Anh's parents used to speak when they got into Australia was 'What a great country'

2.Three reasons for them saying that was because Australia was the first to take them in, Australian people gave them free clothes and it also gave them a chance for them to start their own business.

3.Anh learned two pieces of wisdom from his parents. These were 'You can do anything' and 'care for the less fortunate'

4.Anh got to see a little bit of Sammy's life when Anh saw him getting beaten up by his dad in his car.

5.What shocked Anh's mother when she heard about Miss Buk's children was the fact that they only saw them 2 or 3 times when the usual asian families lived together.

6.two of Anh's most memorable moments in primary school were getting the maths award in his graduation and him getting class captain in year 5.
Chapter 4
1.The incident that mostly effects me in this chapter was when Anh got his first girlfriend. As i have never had a girlfriend, this gives me bad thoughts about it.
Chapter 5
1.Anh's grandmother was a very nice person who lived with Anh for most of his childhood. She loved gardening. She liked to act like she was still young by drinking a can of VB and singing karaoke.
2.Anh’s parents were able to afford the school fees by a test that Anh and Khoa took which they both got 50% on so the cost was cut in half.

Chapter 6
1. Anh’s father had come to Australia to work and gain some money but he had to return to the United states with absolutely nothing.

Chapter 7

1.Anh was very paranoid about his uniform in secondary school because the sleeves were a different shade of grey and he was also very shy.

2.Anh was lucky after he wasn’t picked for the drama team because Mrs Borny made a secret group for those who weren’t pick.

3.Anh avoided getting mugged by not winning those basketball shoes and had gave his money to his teachers.

4.My favorite out of Paper Run, Fin Boy, Trinity Chess game, and thte Homeless Shelter was the chess game because he had a great idea to try and get his team to win but it didn’t work. It is an example of not everything you try will work and you shouldn’t be to annoyed about it.

Chapter 8

1.Suzie was a tallish blonde girl that had just come from high school just like everyone else.

2.He was so keen to start a business at the local market because he wanted to make some money for his family. Many refugees want to do this because it gives them a chance to earn some money and to start a new life.

Chapter 9

1.Anh had to give up a job opening at Anderson Consulting to be able to become a full time comedian.

2.The important ingredient in Anh’s success was his father's works that kept ringing in his head ‘When you know it’s for you, but it scares you, it means you have the most to gain from doing it’ (p138)

3.Anh had won the Green Faces competition, he gained $5,000 in cold, hard cash.

4.There was two lines on the prologue that were repeated on page 150. These were ‘What’s the kid’s name, Dad?’ and ‘His name is Anh. I named him after you.’ I think he returned to this episode now in the novel because its is when Ahn is grown up and wanted to meet him.

Chapter 9 p2

5.Anh thought that you only remember the bad times in life and you forget the good times.

6.The shop assistant thought because he was from a different nation and he wa that he wouldn’t have that much money to spend on a diamonds.

7.There were a number of cultural exchanges at Anh and Suzie’s engagement party such as the massive pig that represented the brides wealthiness, there was the full vietnamese banquet with pork, spring rolls and dumplings and on the other side of the table was the typical Aussie foods which was chicken, salads, lamingtons and a pavlova.

Chapter 9 p3

8.1. They met at the old school chapel at St Aloysius College.

8.2. The Jesuit priest uncle and Father Dooley did the reception.

8.3. One of Anh’s distant cousins played the traditional song to the bride and groom.

8.4. The theme for the reception was Carribbean Carnival.

8.5. There was zoo animals everywhere.

8.6. There was speeches at the reception by most of the family members.

8.7. The newlyweds went on a honeymoon in Thailand.

9.There was many things learnt at the meals at Anh and Suzie’s house such as Anh’s family does things informally while Suzie’s family does things formally.Suzie’s family set up the dinner table with lots of knives, forks and spoons while Anh’s family has finger food.

10.Both Anh and his dad have insights. Anh’s was when his dad told him about Loc and when he didn’t jump in the water to save him while his dad’s was when he heard about Anh knowing that he knew about Loc.

Chapter 10

1.Anh won over the old soldiers by telling them Aussie jokes that they actually got.

2.Anh said that he’d never seen his dad so honest before because his dad never told anyone about the uncle Binh and the tragic story.

Chapter 11

1.In this chapter we find out that Khoa was a really generous person that always giving his time to other people. He won young Australian of the year award because of this.

2.Anh states that he is the luckiest guy because of all the evets that took place in this chapter like Khoa winning young Australian of the year after he had nominated him, Anh getting picked to do lots of TV shows including Dancing with the stars where he made it to the grand final and Deal or no Deal where he won $200,000 for a young family in need.

3.Anh’s family went crazy whenever he went on. They would throw parties, dance along and drink with mates while celebrating his great successes while getting annoyed whenever he got a bad score.

4.Anh learned that uncle six didn’t like to talk to anyone in his family after he came to Australia.

5.One of Anh’s highlights from TV was winning the $200,000 on Deal or no Deal which went to a poor family.

Chapter 12

1.Anh’s mother cried twice during this chapter. This was because of Anh doing one of his performances at the Sydney opera house and the second time was when Anh told her that he had been seeing his father and when he told her that he said he was the most beautiful woman in the world.

2.I did enjoy the happiest refugee book because it was something different from what i have ever read but it was still too long. I liked the fact that it portrayed Anh’s life and all its events in small passages of text but it was STILL too long. I dont like reading long books because they can take too much time to read.

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