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SLAB (Student Library Advisory Board)

No description

Nadine Mathu

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of SLAB (Student Library Advisory Board)

Student Library
Advisory Board S.L.A.B. Functions:
1) Provide student input
and feedback on: library environment
book/material selections
programming and policies
2) Provide a social outlet for
students who like reading to get
together to discuss books. book discussions
book displays
tech help sheets
reading promotions 3) To allow teens who are invested
in the library a chance for impact and
4) Encourage reading through a positive
visible peer group. Timeline Fall membership
drive Plan Banned Book
Week Activities Teens Read Week
T-shirts/video announcement
to build group unity,
visibility, and identity Approval
Process Lunch Meeting in Library; brainstorm activities Book Display Committee
Freshman Orientation
Read-athon for charity
Banned Book Week
Teen Tech Week
Teens Read Week
Others, student-generated
Term Paper Clinic
Staffing a "Genius Bar" Short-term Long-term Book Order Marathon-
Quarterly (by grade?) Evaluation/
Assessment Survey within group/student body SEPT. Oct. Nov. Dec. Give a Kid
a Book Campaign Internet Safety Term Paper Clinic Jan./Feb. Continue Quarterly
Activities/Lunch Meetings May Several S.L.A.B. "I think really good books can be read by anybody."

--Norton Juster
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