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A Steward of True Beauty

What has been going on this semester for my Curatorial Internship.

Devon Stivers

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of A Steward of True Beauty

Stewards of True Beauty diligens spulchrarum diligence of beauty A medieval term that involves the care for something with a long past and potentially long future when there is no owner that is present. Encompasses the idea that an
object’s primary function or form comes from its creator What's in a Name stewardship true beauty What's happening dr. chris caple
Conservation Skills BSc in Archaeological Conservation, PhD
Accredited Conservator Restorer (ACR)
Fellow of the International Institute of Conservation (FIIC)
Fellow of the Society of Antiquities (FSA)
Senior Lecturer in department of
Archeology at Durham University
member of the English Heritage's Science
and Conservatory Council (1997-2003)
Research intrests include:
Ancient Materials and Objects Analysis
Burial Environments
Welsh castles (one project includes working on the excavation of the Drylwyn Castle (13c) over the past 15 seasons Popular Textbook for Archeology
and Conservation courses art conservator and partner in the firm
Applebaum and Himmelstein
specialized in:
enthnographic objects/textiles
conservation assessments
collection surveys
Trained at NYU and started at The Brooklyn Muesum
as the only object's conservator among painting conservators
(work during this period is the inspiration for this text)

"The author treats objects from both museums and private individuals including artworks such as a Marcel DuChamps urinal. But Appelbaum’s passion is the stuff of history - from George Washington’s leather portfolio to a Marilyn Monroe dress." (Elsevier, 2010)

Also wrote the "Guide to Environmental
Protection of Collections" in 1991 which is a
standard textual document for many in this profession
Primary Texts barbara applebaum
Conservation Treatment Methodology david bombford with
jill dunkerton
and martin wyld
A Closer Look:
Conservation of Paintings read texts write handle objects read three primary texts
research histories of various works,
processes and care
min. 5 contempory articles regarding
conservation or muesum work write-ups for chapters
write-ups for articles
6 min. research blog posts
about individual/similar pieces observe, sketch and photograph for condition reports rest of semester goals senior year goals mis. set up for galleries
accession new works
update database (paper/digital) conservation week april 24-30
finish write ups
write three more research blog posts

Finsh 15 more conservation reports A. Thomas, Giddings Primative, Irene Corey short term finalize reports of original 39 read and create write-ups for new texts make an interactive presentation long term create a research blog post for all works in the collection create a conservation report
for all works in the collection edit the digital and paper database with new information
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