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Scheduling Presentation

9th grade presentation for scheduling the 2011-2012 school year.

Bryan Kiggins

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Scheduling Presentation

2011-2012 Scheduling Timeline

-March 3rd: NAI counselors meet with 9th
grade classes to distribute Program of

-March 7th: Honors Curriculum Night at NAI
6:30PM to 8:30PM

-March 10th: NAI holds scheduling meetings
with parents of 8th and 9th graders

-March 10th:8th and 9th Grade
Transition/Elective Fair at NAI 6PM to
7:30PM 9th Grade Scheduling Presentation NAI School Counseling Department
March 3, 2011 Mr. Kiggins (A - E)

bkiggins@northallegheny.org Mrs. McCormick (Rh - St &
10th grade spec. ed.)

mmccormick@northallegheny.org Mrs. Presto (Su - Z
9th grade spec. ed.)

mpresto@northallegheny.org Mrs. Feliciani (F - La)

dfeliciani@northallegheny.org Mr. Valentino (Le - Re)

tvalentino@northallegheny.org Mrs. Pechulis (Dept. Secretary)

412-369-5464 -March 25th: NAI students return student
course recommendation sheets to science

-March 29th - 31st: NAI School Counselors
meet with students to review schedule
requests in the NAI library

-April 11th - 13th: NAI School Counselors
meet with 8th grade students at the middle

-May 2nd: All waivers are due to respective
School Counseling Offices

-August 19th: Student schedules are mailed Course Terms (pg-18)
Full-time Course: meets 5 times each week
Part-time Course: meets 2-3 times each week
Semester Course: a course that is one-half of a school year or 18 weeks of class Elective Course: a course taken to enhance a particular subject area, for personal interest, or for career exploration and preparation

Required Course: a course that must be taken by all students in order to graduate

Honors Course: a level of course that has extended content and additional workload. They are set apart from regular high school courses in the same subject, and have prerequistes for admission and are weighted for the purpose of computing class rank CREDITS (pg-18)
1.0 - One credit is earned for successful
completion of classes meeting 5 times each
week for 36 weeks, or 120 hours.

.5 - One half credit is earned for successful
completion of classes meeting 5 times each
week for 18 weeks, or 60 hours.

One half credit is also earned for attending
classes 2 or 3 times each week for 36 weeks.

1.5 - One and one half credit is earned for
successful completion of classes meeting 5
times each week for 36 weeks and doing
laboratory work 2 or 3 times each week for
2 semseters. Graduation Requirements
A minimum of 21.5 credits is required for graduation from NA

ENGLISH 4.0 credits
SOCIAL STUDIES 4.0 credits
MATHEMATICS 3.0 credits
SCIENCE 3.0 credits
PHYSICAL ED 2.0 credits
HEALTH 0.5 credits
ELECTIVES 5.0 credits Grade 10 Course Sequence

English 1.0 credit
Social Studies 1.0 credit
Math 1.0 credit
Science 1.0 credit
Physical Ed. 0.5 credit

Elective Courses up to 3.5 credits
***must schedule at least 2.5 credits*** Phasing of Courses (pg-22) Phase I
Emphasize the basic skills
of a subject
Provides practice in learning
applying the basic skills

Phase II
Emphasized the continued application
of basic skills of a subject
Allows average students more time to
review, practice and apply skills Phase III
Designed for students who are college
bound or better than average ability
Need to have a command of basic skills
Empahsizes higher level of thinking skills

Phase IV
Emphasizes critical thinking, writing, and
research skills
Material is covered at a rapid pace
Strict prerequisites are required
Most challenging classes Math Sequence Chart - pg 62
Science Sequence Chart - pg 74
Language Sequence Chart - pg 88 What is a
WAIVER? Wavier Policy (pg - 17)
Communication is initiated by the parent
and student to the appropriate teacher.
If a waiver contract is still desired, the
waiver form is given to the student by the
The student is responsible for obtaining all the needed signatures on the form
except the principal's.
The form MUST be handed in to the School
Counseling Office on or before MAY 2nd. Waiver Policy, cont'd

If a student withdrawals from a
course (after the 15 day waiting period) for which a waiver contract has been signed, one of the following consequences will occur for a full year course...

1. If withdrawal occurs during
days 16 to 40 of the semester,
a "W" will appear on the
official transcript.
2. If withdrawal occurs beyond
the 40th day of the semester,
an "E" will appear on the
official transcript.

There will be no exceptions. PSSA--Graduation Requirement
School District Policy #3241
In order to be eligible for graduation a student must demonstrate mastery of the PA Academic Standards on the culminating 11th grade PSSA, and/or local assessment aligned to the PA Academic Standards, or through progress monitoring on the student's IEP.

High school students in grades 9-12 who have not demonstrated proficiency on the PSSA Math, and/or Reading, and Writing will be required to schedule a PSSA Preparation class. Schedule Changes
Mechanical Error
Placement in Inappropriate Level
of Course
Schedule a Course to Meet Graduation
Fill Study Hall
Counselor Recommendation Beattie Tech
If you are interested in attending Beattie Tech in 10th grade, you need to fill out an application and return it to the NAI School Counseling Office.

You will have room for 5 classes plus lunch. Beattie Tech would then be scheduled in the afternoon.

Beattie Tech classes count for 3 elective credits.

If you have any questions, please see your counselor. What else, as a student, should I think about when scheduling? Activities Volunteering Athletics Work Social Life Thank you for attending!
NAI School Counseling Department
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