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No description

Shelby Gonzalez

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Clannad

The Most Heart-Warming and Emotional Anime (In my personal opinion) Clannad The Story This isn't your typical anime at all. As a matter of fact, this truly isn't a harem either even though it is marketed as one. It is basically a slice of life. It is a simple story of a young man named Tomoya Okazaki who hasn't had a great life at all. His life was filled with boredom, anger, sadness, and despair. He wished for a much better life, even though nothing seems right for him. Until one day, he met a girl while walking to school. Her name was Nagisa Furukawa. She walked with him to school and from there, an incredible journey of love and the importance of family. The Side Story There's a side story that occurs throughout the whole series about a girl and a hideous, ugly, mute, robotic teddy bear thingy that loves to jump (You'll see it jump a lot with its arms up in the air. I was kidding about all the negative things I said though, it's an adorable bear! Only with freakishly weird features, but yeah!) and they both are trying to escape from a lonely and desolate world in another realm . At first, it may seem like that it doesn't at all with the current situations in the main story and the context. But if you pay close attention to the details that the series gives off, it'll make a lot more sense! It all falls into place at the end. The Two Seasons 1st Season 2nd Season
Clannad Clannad: After Story Comedic Dramatic with comedy still in there
Light-hearted Light-hearted with more mature themes
Simple but deep Deep and complex but won't confuse you Characters The Most Important and Greatest Tomoya Okazaki Is a junior in high school
Is the story's protagonist
Wears a really cool school uniform that I am frankly jealous of, not lying!
Is very rude and not the happiest or nicest guy in the world.
Not very hard-working at all
Completely changes when he meets Nagisa
His only friend is Youhei Sunohara, who is weird and hilarious but annoying to other characters
His mother died in a car accident when he was very little
His father is a sad and gloomy alcoholic, which really angers Tomoya Nagisa Furukawa Voiced by Luci Christian, who also voiced as Medusa from Soul Eater, Tenma from School Rumble, Mitsukuni from Ouran, and Trish from Devil May Cry
Is the main female protagonist
Wants to bring back the school's theater club
Is very energetic, sweet, loving, and beautiful
Is Tomoya's love interest
Is obsessed with the Dango Family (They're like giant colorful cute marshmallow looking thingys)
Lives in a bakery with her parents
Is just the complete opposite of Tomoya (Opposites attract though) Youhei Sunohara (It is not very common to see a blonde asian.) Is Tomoya's best friend
A very comedic character
Always fired up and full of himself
Is a blonde asian dude...no...just no.
Is voiced by Greg Ayres, who also voiced as Ganta from Deadman Wonderland, Guldo of the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Z Kai
Always gets into trouble
The soccer and rugby kids always pick on him
Annoys a lot of characters Ryo Fujibayashi (Try to say that 10 times fast) Is a pretty but shy girl
Voiced by Brittney Karbowski, who also voiced as Yuri from Angel Beats, and Black Star from Soul Eater
Kyou Fujibayashi's twin sister (YOU DON'T SAY!)
Is very sweet and kind
Has a crush on Tomoya (Actually every girl in this series does) Kyou Fujibayashi (Honestly, if she were real, I'd totally ask her out) Obviously Ryo's twin sister
Is very protective of Ryo
Has a crazy hot temper, especially against Tomoya because she likes him as well and tries to hide it like that
Really physical and crazy Kotomi Ichinose (Haha, I am gonna call her ITCHY NOSE! HAHAHA!) The smartest person at school
Is voiced by Emily Neves, who also voiced as Angel from Angel Beats
Has really bad social problems because she is always at the library by herself always reading books, and I literally mean ALWAYS
Only responds to people when they address her Kotomi-chan
Actually knows Tomoya from very early childhood
Will make people's ears burst from how bad she plays the violin Tomoyo Sakagami (How ironic and hilarious, you would think that this should have been the name of the main character) Everyone fears her
Can basically defeat anyone in combat
She is a female version of Chuck Norris (CHICK NORRIS!!! :D)
She loves to give poundings to Youhei
She has great leadership skills
She is super persistent on being class president Fuko Ibuki She is a freshman but acts like she's in Kindergarten
She is actually a ghost who walks the halls of the school
She isn't dead though, but she's in a coma
Tomoya and Nagisa are the only ones who could see her
She is what bonded Tomoya and Nagisa much closer to each other
She is easily distracted by cute things won't take her concentration off of those things
She makes wooden starfish figures to give to people at school to go to her sister's wedding Akio Furukawa (My favorite character in the whole series!) Is completely comical
Is Nagisa's father
He will make you laugh or chuckle in every scene he is in
He loves to pick on jokingly with Tomoya
Has some of the best lines in the series
Always does his best to make his family happy Sanae Furukawa Nagisa's si- I mean mother (LOOK AT HER! SHE'S SO YOUNG AND PRETTY!)
Loves to bake bread and other stuff at the bakery
Is easily heart-broken when someone doesn't like her bread and will start running away crying
Acts just like Nagisa does
Is always so humble and kind to everyone. Ushio Okazaki (I actually am considering naming my child that) The daughter of Tomoya and Nagisa
She appears in the 2nd season
Looks exactly like Nagisa
She is the cutest thing I have ever seen
She will make you cry a lot with how cute and adorable she is
Is 5 years old
Ushio means "Ocean tides" and it's a unisex name
She really develops Tomoya so much as a character Trivia! Clannad is an irish word for "family" and the story of this anime revolves mainly around the importance of family
The anime was actually from a visual novel made back in 2004 where you could choose the live that Tomoya could life with the girl that you pick for him. Themes of the series Love is greater than anything else in the world
The ultimate power and importance of family
To never ever give up on your dreams
The importance of friendship
To overcome any obstacle Shelby's Mini Review of "Clannad" I am about to speak. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ENJOY AND PLEASE WATCH "CLANNAD"! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Happy Early Valentine's Day!!! Watch episode 1 Enjoy the show!
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