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Galileo vs. the Catholic Church

Galileo vs. the Catholic Church

austin turner

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Galileo vs. the Catholic Church

Galileo VS. the Catholic Church Q1- Who was Copernicus and what were his theories about the rotation of the Earth around the Sun?
A1-Copernicus was the first to come up with the theory that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe. It is the Sun. Q2- Who was Galileo Galilei, and why was he an important person in history?
A2- Galileo was a person in the Scientific Revolution. He backed up the theories of Copernicus. Q3-What inventions allowed Galileo to further prove the theories of Copernicus?
A3- The telescope because, it made it easier to see the planets and tell there rotations. Q3- What inventions helped Galileo prove Copernicus's theory?
A3- The telescope because, it helps us see the planets and there full rotations. Q4- How does this theory compare to what we believe about the rotation of the Earth around the Sun today?
A4- Back then Galileo and Copernicus both theorized that the Sun was the center of the universe. Now we know its just the center of our solar system. The Church:
Q1- Why did the Catholic Church reject the theory of the Earth rotating around the Sun?
A1- The reason is they had believed for a very long time that the Earth was the center.
Q2- What was the Inquisition in the time period that Galileo lived in?
A2- The Inquisition in Galileo's time period was the Catholic Church torturing the Heretics.
Q3- What influences did the Catholic Church have on daily life during the time Galileo lived in?
A3- People liked to go to the Church daily to worship and pray. Also many people were tortured because, they were thought to be witches or have gone against the church.
Q4- What was the Catholic Churches attitude toward scientists and there new theories during the time period?
A4- They thought they were going against the beliefs and god... so they tortured them. Pictures And Remember..... GO HEELS!!
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