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The War of 1812 and the Growth of Nationalism

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Jerrid Harris

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of The War of 1812 and the Growth of Nationalism

AP/Advanced US History The War of 1812 and the
Growth of Nationalism Events prior
to the
War British Impressment
"Chesapeake Affair"
James Madison's "gamble"
Macon's Bill #2
Why did it fail?
What was its consequence?
"War-Hawks" dominate House elections
Battle of Tippecanoe
William Henry Harrison defeats Tecumseh and the "Prophet" -American's offensive strategy was poorly conceived
Three-part invasion of Canada was an epic failure
Detroit, Niagara, and Lake Champlain

Great Lakes Naval battles were slightly more successful
Oliver Hazard Perry (Lake Erie)
The USS Constitution (defeats the Guerriere)
William Henry Harrison (Battle of Thames)
Thomas McDonough (Lake Champlain...saved NY)

British invasion of the Chesapeake
Invaded Washington D.C. and burned the White House
Battle of Fort McHenry (MD)...Francis Scott Key writes the Star Spangled Banner The War of 1812 -Battle of New Orleans (1815)
Andrew Jackson annihilates the British...2000 redcoats dead in 30 minutes!!!
Jackson becomes a National Hero!!!

Treaty of Ghent (1814)
Essentially an armistice (cease fire)
Nothing lost, Nothing gained
no mentions made to arming the indians, impressment, the Orders in Council, etc...
Rush-Bagot Agreement = Canadian Border

Hartford Convention (1814)
Federalists met in Hartford and demanded grievances for lost trade
proposed a constitutional amendments for embargo's, new states, and war declarations
There was some talk of secession...
Their popularity would never rebound
The End of
the War of 1812 -An overall spirit of National "oneness"
National Literature
Washington Irving
James Fenimore Cooper
Textbooks written from American perspective
Debut of "North American Review"
Painters celebrated native landscapes and symbols of nationalism
American flags sales multiply
National Bank
renewed charter in 1816
National manufacturing blossomed
Tariff of 1816 (20-25% tax)...Protective Tariff!!!
American Nationalism -The American System - 3 Part System
Strong Banking System (B.U.S.)
Protective Tariffs
Federally funded National Infrastructure
(The last part was voted down by Dem-Reps because this was viewed as a "states rights" responsibility)
Cumberland Road (1811) - ran from Maryland to Illinois
Erie Canal (1825) - connected New York with the Atlantic and the Great Lakes Henry Clay & The
American System To what degree was the War of 1812 truly a Second War for Independence? Consider the battles, the politics, and the peace settlement...Does it compare with the American Revolution?

"AP Extension" - What was the significance of the strong spirit of Nationalism that appeared in America from 1815 to 1824? What were its accomplishments? Essential Question #1
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