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Business Achievement Awards

No description

Lauren Chin

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Business Achievement Awards

Business Achievement Awards

What IS it?
Four achievement levels
Future, Business, Leader, and America
Tests your business knowledge and leadership
Completed online
Follows National Standards for Business Education
What's in it for YOU?
(Aside from the fact that it is required for an officer position at the Section level or higher).
Recognized: at chapter
Will Receive: pin
Recognized: at chapter
Will Receive: pin
Recognized: at SLC
Will Receive: pin, certificate
Recognized: at NLC
Will Receive: pin, framed certificate of completion
Step 2
Step 3
Step 1
Getting Started
Go on the national website (fbla-pbl.org) and slide your mouse over the red FBLA tab. A drop-down menu should appear.

Go to BAA Online. This will bring you to the portal page.
Your adviser needs to create separate student accounts for each member who wishes to participate.
Advisers are required to submit information regarding the individual. Once registration is complete, they will receive an email detailing the student’s password.
Logging In
To log in, simply input the information sent to the adviser in the required boxes:
Participate in BAA!
Contact me at lchin@cafbla.org
Future, Business, Leader deadline: March 1st
America deadline: April 25th
After logging in you will see screens like these:
You have the option of selecting which activities you want to complete within each category
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