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Resident Advisor Survival Kit

No description

Elisabeth Newman

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Resident Advisor Survival Kit

Resident Advisor Survival Kit
Elisabeth Newman
to remind you that you are not perfect-No one is. We learn from each mistake we make.
Rubber Band
To remind you to remain flexible and to stretch yourself to new limits.
To remind you that we are a team and through it all we will stick together.
Tootsie Roll
To remind you to not "bite off more than you can chew" and that it's okay to say no.
For all of those crazy work hours and program dates.
Funny Glasses
To remind you to have fun.
To remind you that you are helping to shape the lives of the residents in your building.
Overcoming These Struggles
-I created programs that allowed me to work with my residents on a more personal level.
Goals For Next Year
- More resident involvement in programs

- To establish a cohesive team

-To pass on all of my wisdom to the
newbies so that they can succeed

That's all Folks'
getting to know residents on a personal level
dealing with roommate issues
- I went in and discussed the issues and did my best to resolve the situations.
Programming Examples
A First Aid Kit
To remind you to be prepared for what may come.
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