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Paige Scott

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mission Impossible 2 1. The Ordinary World: Ethan Hunt is a secret agent who works for the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and his job is to go on missions and stop criminals, usually by going undercover. This movie is about him going on a mission that is one of the most dangerous missions and is personal to him. 2. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: Ethan Hunt gets his mission from the president of the IMF organization and his mission is: to stop a criminal who has the only cure to a very serious disease. The villain stole the cure from the creator of it and he killed the creator of the cure so he could get credit for it. His job is to stop the criminal from using the disease and the cure to get money. He needs to get help on the mission from a girl named Nyah because she's a professional, and used to be dating the villain. 4. MEETING OF THE MENTOR: Ethan Hunt meets with the president of the IMF and he shows Ethan the creator of the disease cure before he died and he also gives Ethan clues and advice that will help Ethan with the mission. 7. APPROACH: The challenge- They find footage of a person who had the disease and what it does after a certain amount of time of exposure. This makes the situation more serious. And Ethan doesn't want Nyah to get hurt and he gets worried and tells her he wants her to leave. 8. THE ORDEAL: Ethan Hunt goes into the building where the cure for the disease is being held. He faces the villain and is almost killed. The villain finds out about Ethan's plan and threatens to kill Nyah. Nyah injects herself with the virus/disease so the villain can't kill her because that was the last of the virus and the cure is needed. Ethan saves himself from being killed. 12. RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR: Ethan ends up defeating the villain, gets the cure from him after he defeats him, and he saves Nyah. He gets awarded from completing his mission. In the end him and Nyah live happily ever after. The end:)
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