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van gogh's life at arles

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Asyah Loree

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of van gogh's life at arles

Vincent Van gogh's life at arles
Near the end of 1888, Van Gogh started developing his mental illnesses. His suffering was from various types of epilepsy, psychotic attacks, hallucinations and delusions. This led him to his relationship with Gaughin, a fellow artist, to start deteriorating. Vincent confronted Gaughin with a razor blade. Vincent, in panic, left the house and later that day, he cut off the lower part of his own ear. He wrapped it up and offered it as a gift to a prostitute named Rachel. Vincent was hospitalized and released to find Gaughin leaving Arles, which then left his dreams of having an artistic community shattered. As the year 1888 was almost finished, Gogh traveled to Saint-Remy-de- provence where he checked himself into an asylum less than 20 miles from Arles. The asylum was located in an area of cornfields, vineyards, and oil trees. Gogh had two small rooms- one for living, and the other was used for a studio. His brother, Theo paid for his stay there. He could not draw and paint for long periods of time without suffering from an attack.

Café Terrance was the first painted in 1888. For painting this picture, he used oil paint on canvas. Café Terrance was the first of Van Gogh’s paintings to have stars in the background. After that month, he painted some more pictures having stars in the background. Vincent had painted several paintings of night scenes and became fascinated with depicting the stars and the light effects of the night. Gogh had achieved the effect of luminosity with the use of contrasting colors and tones.
Van Gogh rented the yellow house in hopes that Paul Gauguin would accompany him with his dreams of opening an art community. And on October 23 1888, Gauguin arrived on his doorstep. Gogh was so excited that he took Paul to all of his favorite’s sites. But it wasn’t long after till their conflicting attitudes towards art caused heated debates. Vincent believed that he needed to work fast, in the open air in front of his subject, whereas Gauguin liked to work with a slower approach. Van Gogh’s yellow house is the one on the right. He called it the yellow house due to its warm and buttery color of paint that was on the exterior walls. He had rented the four rooms on May 1, 1888 for Gogh and Gauguin to live and work. The two large rooms were on the ground floor to serve the purpose for the kitchen and the workshop. The two rooms on the second floor were bedrooms for Gogh and Gauguin to live. The neat thing is, is that the house on the left was a grocery store. So it was nice and convenient for Gogh to get his groceries.
Van Gogh first sketched his room in a letter he was sending to his brother, Theo. He was so impressed by it he decided to paint it a couple times more, first using oil paint, then experimented with other paints
Vincent didn't produce many paintings over the winter, but once spring arrived, Gogh began painting the Provence landscapes. During this time, he had painted many landscapes including this one. He approached the subject of the Langlois Bridge mindful of the japanese example, which was employing clear color and emphasizing the linear patterns of the bridge structure against the sky. Van gogh painted several versions of this drawbridge.

There is great level of control in van gogh's composition. It has a newly even division of land and sky and the boats are positioned to break through the division and unite the separate zones. the color too, is controlled

Van Gogh had already painted some pictures of sunflowers lying on the ground while he lived in Paris, France, which two of them were given to Gauguin as gifts. The later ones that he painted was when he lived in Arles, and they were painted in vases. The purpose for painting those, were to impress and to decorate the room that Gauguin would be staying in.

Van Gogh spent the last of his years painting fields and farmhouses. The one thing Van Gogh wanted and liked the most from Provence was the sun- the light and Brilliance that would wash out the details and make forms easy to draw or paint. It reduced the world around him to the flat patterns he admired.

Van goghs yellow house The sunflowers Langlois bridge
Boats on the beach
Asylum Cafe terrace
the bedroom at rrles
Farmhouse in provence
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