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Snogurt Presentation BPME3023 Group A

Taiping Snogurt Assignment

Xanz Kean Wai

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Snogurt Presentation BPME3023 Group A

Franchisor Presented By :

YAP CHENG MIN 213230 Product Start operating for 4 months
First outlet in Taiping
The business is own by wife( Sumathy)
Assisted by Husband( Ranjit Sidhu)
Yogurt business
Located in Taiping, Perak
Centre Point, Taiping Outlet Snocool Sdn Bhd
Operating hour from 11am-10pm
E-mail : enquiry@snogurt.com Overview of the business Come from Italy
started when its founders discovered the beauty of frozen yogurt
a dessert known for its fine texture and taste, and above all, its fat-free ingredients and benefits to the health.
Provide 19 different flavors
Started in Malaysia in year 2010
40 outlets in Malaysia
Snogurt aims to open 150 outlets, including kiosks, and also expand to Southeast Asia. Background of Snogurt Sumathy – the owner of the Snogurt business
40 years old
Hometown – Taiping
2 Children
Ranjit Sidhu – Sumathy’s husband and act as person who provide financial capital for Sumathy
Working Experience Background of Franchisee Too stress in previous work
Too competitive in previous work
Need more time for family
Want to have a try to be an entrepreneur
Less experience to operate a new business
Want to have a better income for future life Why choose Franchise business ? Disadvantages of others franchise , For example McDonald’s
Can choose own lacoation to set up the business
More lower royalty fees and modal
Attracted by the decorate and design of Snogurt such as colour
Potential to success
More flexible time with family Why choose Snogurt ? Francais Package Promotion SWOT Analysis Location No. 55-G Central point, Jalan Istana Larut, 34000 Taiping, Perak. Location Expired Date : 5 Years
Royalty Fee : Less Than 5% Gross Sales Value
Franchise Fee : RM 80,000
Ingredients Pack : RM25,000
Renewal Fee : RM 100,000
Renovation & Operating equipment package : RM 200,000
Start Up Investment Around RM 400,000
Territory Right : 5km Happy Hour - 20 %
Students and Kids - 15 %
Online coupon eg. Groupon, myimart, ilovediscount.. High quality and healthy food.
Cheaper than Tutti Fruiti
Receive support from franchisor Brand not well-known
Less promotion carrying by franchisor
Location Tutti-Fruiti is opposite of their shop Places Surrounding the shop are developing
eg. Tune Hotel, FoodCourt...
Many parking lots
Location will be central part of Taiping in 2 years. Competitor Tutti Fruity comes from NAZA TUTTI FRUTTI (M) SDN BHD is a Master License Holder for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, Thailand, Middle East and African countries. Competitor Interior Design and Decoration Thank You for additional marks. Thank You again for another additional marks Interview Session What have franchisee learned from franchise business? location is important
Invest in good proportion
Do not take loan if possible Sumathy said “If you like to eat ice-cream, why don’t you try yogurt which is good for your health?” Do they learn to be an entrepreneur ? Yes
Sumathy : By running a franchise business, I had learned more to be an entrepreneur from the facilities provided by franchisor. Financial Statement Profit : Break-even point
Cost of Wages : RM 800 per employee
Cost of Rent : RM 3000 per month
Other costs (estimated) : RM 5000
Total profit (targeted) : RM 30,000 - 40,000 per month Customer will cause damage to the machine
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