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Lifesaving Light

No description

Caden Rose

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Lifesaving Light

Lifesaving Light
First Used

This product was first used in space by NASA attempting to use the light to grow plants on missions.
Used on Earth?
This is used on Earth to treat cancerous cells in brain tumors.They use lifesaving light as a chemotherapy treatment called Photo Dynamic Therapy.
Product Changes?
Did this product change any while used on Earth than from space?Not much but yes their were light omitting diodes added so they could begin their work with children.
Proposed for Missions
This was used on missions to try to grow plants on the shuttle, but as you know this is now used to treat brain tumors.
Extra info!
Some extra information you might not have known is that this treatment is a kid treatment for brain tumor cancer. This is one of the only systems that work in this matter that has worked for many years, and will hopefully last for many more.
By:Caden Rose
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