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cool plants

No description

thames thames

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of cool plants

sensitive plant
the sensitive plant curls up when leaves are touched caused by a drop of pressure on the plants leafe
Rafflesia arnoldii
takes 9-21 months to evolve,
smells like a decomposing carcass.discovered in 1822 during a jungle expedition in Sumatra. largest plant in the world,1 m in diameter 20 lbs
Venus flytrap
carnivorous plant, closes its leaves in less than a second, when trigger hairs are touched
Aloe plant
the aloe plant does not have to be processed or cooked like other medicinal plants, break it in half and the aloe vera pulp will be there good for sunburns
telegraph plant
the telegraph plant moves rapidly, the period of its movements is 3-5 mins, when all leaves move at once it creates a very cool effect
pitcher plant
the pitcher plant has a lid, a rim and a pitcher. the lid protects it from the rain, the colorful rim attracts insects. the pitcher(bottom) has a gooey syrup at the bottom to drown the prey. the inside of the pitcher(bottom) is slippery, so the bugs cant come out.
the sundew is a carnivorous plant, it attracts insects to it with its liquid and when the insect flies on it, the insect will get stuck and slowly the sundew will digest it
cool plants
thank y..., AAAAAH! the Venus flytrap has got me!!
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