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*COUGH COUGH* School Project *AHEM AHEM*

A *AHHEMMMM AHEMM* school project on the world...*COUGH AHEMM COUGH COUGH*

Leta Dickinson

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of *COUGH COUGH* School Project *AHEM AHEM*

Sister World!
Big Sissy Island
Big Sissy Island
Big Sissy Island
Sister Volcano
Sister Volcano
Sister Volcano
Retsis Island
Retsis Island
Love Channel
The Continent of Sisterasia
The Lollipop Mountains
Incredible Isthmus
The Dessert Desert
Pie Plateau
Silver Harbor
The Grand
Crown Duel
Friend Beach
Leta Island
Leta Island
Leta Island
Liddle Town
Junk Food Lake
The Pyramid at Raza
North Sisterica
Also where Sister lives.
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