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English Presentation

Welinda Tabigue

on 9 October 2012

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BROKERS PROFESSION A. Customs Broker is a service provider consisting of consultation, preparation of customs requisite document for imports and exports, declaration of customs duties and taxes, preparation of signing, filing, lodging and processing of import and export entries, I. Definition of Customs Broker Profession: A. The adaptation of RA 9135, replacing the RA 8181 which states the manual way of transaction valuation in facilitating imports allows the use of post entry audit system in the country. II. The following are the present Laws affecting the Customs Brokers Profession III. the present systems used by Customs Brokers at the Philippine Bureau of Customs:
Thesis Statement:
Modernization in the present society brought changes in Customs Brokers profession which develops a more updated, efficient, dependable and competitive brokerage industry that provides larger opportunities, concepts and ideas that help to improve quality service, enhance trade facilitation and ability to comply with international practices and standards. 1. This empowers the Bureau of Customs to conduct an audit within three years from the date of the filing of import duties. 2. This law requires the importers to maintain and keep all records of importation at its principal place within three years from the date of the filing of import entry. 3. This law penalizes administrative and criminal liability that happens when the importer fails to keep and maintain all importation records and when the importer gives customs access to all these records. B.The endorsement for plenary approval of Customs Modernization and Tariff Act of 2011 (House bill 4788) seeks to modernize customs administration in the country. 1. This bill seeks to apply ICT or information and communications technology to enhance control and support efficient and low cost customs operations. 2. This law allows also states that when there is declaration of a state of calamity, the clearance of relief consignments shall be a matter of priority and subject to a simplified customs procedure. 3. This law orders the BOC Commissioner to submit an annual report to the president which contains compilation of quantity and value of items imported to the country and its corresponding collection duties, taxes, and other charges collected and assessed on the imported items etc. 4. This law allows refund of duties and taxes in case of overcharging when an error in the assessment of goods happens.
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