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Correspondence Documents

No description

Joshua Colby

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Correspondence Documents

Correspondence Documents
This presentation is intended to guide students through the production of their correspondence documents, as part of the larger portfolio project.
Letter of Transmittal
For this assignment, you are to draft a letter addressed to your boss (it may be a fictional boss).
Email Assignment
Final Notes
Here is a mountain!
Look at it, breathe, and relax.
The final project of this class is to develop a portfolio, highlighting a persuasive argument, based on the topic chosen in the Topic Discussion.
The portfolio will consist of several documents drafted over the duration of the course.
The documents will be graded individually, as they are submitted in the coming weeks. Then they will be reviewed again as part of the final portfolio (looking to see that recommended changes were made from the first grade) as the final assignment.
Portfolio Project
This letter should serve as an introduction to the overall portfolio proposal that you are (fictionally) going to be submitting to this boss.
This letter should include the following
1. The name of the portfolio.
2. A description of the various documents included in the portfolio
3. The reason for the portfolio.
4. An overview of the issue.
Letter Format
Be sure to format your letter correctly, following the example provided below.
Your address info
Recipient info
: This example lacks a signature/signature block. Yours NEEDS one.
The email should: demonstrate proper email form and etiquette—to and from fields, a subject line, a greeting, a signature, and a signature block.
provide a status update on your research and proposal to your boss including the overarching debate and the two major arguments (the stance on either side) of the debate, and the side which you plan to argue.
include a list of at least three main reasons for your position on this issue
provide an update on the timeline of when this portfolio will be completed. (Hint: It's due the last week of class)
Email Notes
Most of us write emails everyday. The thing to remember is this is a professional email; therefore, consider tone, word choice, and professionalism.
Emails without a subject, a greeting, or a signature are a HUGE pet-peeve of mine and many other professionals.
Since this is a "fake" email, the to, from, and subject lines can just be made up in a Word document.
To: Fakeboss@fakeemail.com
From: Fakeemployee@fakeemail.com
Subject: Fake proposal
Why the pet peeve?
I often have over 200 students and receive emails like this:
From: fairystardust18745kisses@gmail.com
To: jcolby@pmi.edu
Subject: (blank)
I dont get the work from last class can u help

The memo should include:
proper memo form and etiquette—to and from fields, and an appropriate subject line.
a list of three different sources, appropriately cited.
Content: these sources should be briefly summarized with the goal of comparing and contrasting the differences between the three articles.
Are they credible?
How will they be used in the final report?
Memo Sample:

1. Review each assignment's rubric to make sure that your submission meets all the requirements.
2. After each assignment is graded, review the comments and make the recommended changes.
3. Once each document is edited (after grading) it will be complete and ready to become part of the final portfolio project.
4. Be smart about your work now and the final portfolio will be a matter of putting all the documents into one file, giving it a quick look over, and submitting it. Easy.
Yes, this week has a lot of assignments.
But they are pretty easy
and you are all smart and awesome.
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