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Sydney Patterson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Drake

CONCERT! He is Super Funny!
So you will have a great time there... Im Here To Talk About DRAKE...., Future Permotion:
We Hope He Will Be Handing Out IPods With The First 100 People Who Buy A Ticket Of Course You Have To Buy A Ticket.., 2nd Permotions:
He's Gave Out Auto Graphed Picture's Future Permotoins:
He Will Give A Change To Win 3 VIP Passes To Meet Him Backstage... To Win A Backstage You Need To Purchase The First 3 Ticket's Or At Least 1..., New Ideas To Our Promotions Are He Brings A Person On Stage.., And Gives Them A Rose Or Shirt..., 1st Permotion:
His Past Permotion's Are Giving T-Shirts And Hat's Away..... By: Sydney Patterson - Drake Was Born On:
(1986-10-24) October
24, 1986 (age 25)Toronto, Ontario, Canada - He Has Been Active Sence 2001 - His Labels Are:
Cash Money, Young Money,
Universal Republic, OVOXO - Also Associates With
Young Money,
The Weeknd, Lil Wayne,
Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz,
Rihanna, Rick Ross -He Also Has An Upcoming Concert On: Monday, , 2012 Concord, CA USA Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord 3/23 (10am Local) Thank You For Watching! AGENDA! Past Promotions
Future Promotions
Also BackGround Information About Drake.., - He's A Canadian Star...,
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