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Career Case Study

No description

Trisha Zurolo

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Career Case Study

Trisha Zurolo
Post University

Mobile Learning:
Open Content:

Becker, S., Cummins, M., Estrada V., Freeman, A., Johnson, L., and Ludgate, H. (2013). NMC Horizon
Report: 2013 K–12 Edition. New Media Consortium.
New Haven Public Schools of choice. (2014). Hill Regional Career High School Interdistrict Magnet.
Retrieved from newhavenmagnetschools.com/ index.php/career
Background to Career

Currently a small number of teachers have access to mobile technology. Devices such as mobile phones that students all have are mainly not being used for educational purposes
Urban Magnet High School in New Haven, CT, serving approximately 650 students
Two magnet themes are Health/Medicine and Business/Technology
Offers Basic, Honors, and AP courses in each subject area
Many students graduating from Career are not earning a degree within 6 yrs
Incorporation would directly correlate to magnet theme and mission statement
Wylie, J. (n.d.). Mobile learning technologies for the 21st century classrooms: Scholastic.com.
Honors and AP level students are more likely to earn a degree after graduating
Currently very limited in use
Incorporation would allow for sharing of resources between departments and cross-curricular
New Haven Public Schools. (2012). Retrieved from nhps.net/nhpsdemographics
New Haven Public Schools. (2012). Retrieved from schools.nhps.net/career/
Fitzgerald, B. (2010). Funnymonkey.com: Using Open Content to Drive Educational Change. Retrieved from funnymonkey.com/blog/using-open-content-to-drive-change.
Could help connect the magnet themes to all subject areas
Would provide more opportunities for teachers to learn from one another
References cont.
Futuring technique
Using scenarios can minimize surprises
Futuring technique
Scans the environment for signals of whats to come
Mietzner, D., & Reger, G. (2005). Advantages and disadvantages of scenario approaches for strategic foresight. Int. J. Technology Intelligence and Planning, 1(2), 220–239.
Sobrero, P., (2004). The steps for futuring. Journal of Extention, 42(3).
World Future Society (n.d.) Dictionary of foresight
Considers several different possible future events

Advantages Disadvantages
Better prepared for future *Not always reliable and precise
*Multiple possible futures *Time consuming
*Acquiring common language *Requires deep understanding
*Improve decision making *Focusing on most obvious

Describes possible events that may happen in the future
Clear view of possible future outcomes
Allows for planing of uncertain futures
Review and analyze data for trends
Get ahead of changes before they occur
Advantages Disadvantages
*Better understanding of *Time consuming
changes happening outside *Costly
environment. *High levels of uncertainty
*Provides data to help make *Employees must be
strong decisions adequately trained
*Better prepares for uncertain
*Gives more meaning to info.
the organization is receiving

Planning for a future that is evolving quicker than in the past
Technology Trends
Economic Trends
Public Policy Trends
Demographic Trends
References (cont.)
Mobile devices being used by most students outside of school
Some schools are allowing students to use them in their classes. But still most do not allow it
Very few schools give students a device while at school. Of those few schools that provide them to students, most do not allow them to take home.
If students had access to these devices, online learning could be used.
Improvements in the education system rarely have been occurring.
Due to a lack of funding or funding not being allocated to the right places.
Increases in funding without an improvement in student learning.
A lot of additional funding has gone to increases in teachers and administrators
Districts go without essential tools to improve student learning.
Common Core Initiative-45 states have chosen to participate
All states will cover the same rigorous standards
Advocates believe it will give all students the opportunity to be successful once leaving high school
Demographics have a strong impact on educational systems
Drives instructional choices and intervention strategies
Increase in immigrants to U.S. is expected to continue to affect population growth for many years to come.
Project Tomorrow. (2013). Speak UP 2012 National Findings: From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner
Leer, R. Ivanov, S. (2013). Rethinking the Future of Learning: The Possibilities and Limitations of Technology in Education in the 21st Century. International Journal of Organizational Innovation Vol 5 Num 4.
Online learning could be used to challenge or remediate students
Adaptive programs would work best
Career students would be able to keep all assignments and online textbooks on their devices.
Individual states have been providing less per-pupil funding
Career has struggled with a lack of funding which has made it difficult for students to have access to what they need.
In the past Career and many other lower income schools have had curriculum that was far less challenging than other schools in nation.
Supporters believe it will narrow the achievement gap
Common Core has some challenges. If teachers are not properly trained and funding is lacking it will not be equitable from one school to another.
Already there are such vast differences in how schools are implementing this new policy.
Leachman, M., Mai, C. (2014). Most States Funding Schools Less than Before the Recession. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
Kornhaber, M., Griffith, K., Tyler, A. (2014). It’s Not Education by Zip Code Anymore-But what is it? Conceptions of Equity under the Common Core. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22(4).
Liebtag, E. (2013). Moving Forward with the Common Core State Standards Implementation: Possibilities and Potential Problems. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction. Vol. 7, No. 2, Pp. 56-70.
Yates, J. (2008). Demographic Imperatives for Educational Reform for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 11(1), 4-12.
Shrestha, L., Heisler, E. (2011). The Changing Demographic Profile of the United States. Congressional Research Service.
Career already has quite a few immigrant students. These immigrant students often require additional supports to be successful.
More students are earning a high school diploma but far more are white students than minority.
Since minority students are expected to increase, high school graduation rates may decline.
Vision for Career
Plan for Change
Call for Action

In 2018, Career will be more up to speed with the technological changes going on around them.
Technology will be far more accessible to teachers and students.
WI-FI will be strong enough to handle all this new technology.
Each student will have their own laptop, provided to them by the school. They will take their laptops home as well for homework.
Mobile learning will be part of the educational program at Career.
Professional development will be provided before the laptops are brought on. It will teach the educators how to best use these devices with their students.
Plan will be in place to assure students are using their devices for educational purposes
Open Content will be fully incorporated. Teachers will be able to access lesson resources online from one set place.
Teachers will share resources in individual departments as well as cross curricular
Career must be ready for these changes to their school program.
One way that they can be ready is by starting professional development now.
A committee of teachers and administrators will be formed based off of who has the most experience with these new forms of technology.
To motivate teachers to get involved and take the task seriously, there will be a small stipend involved.
A second way to prepare will require attention to the budget. The school will start preparing to have access to these funds within five years.
A third way to prepare is by starting to work slowly towards full open content incorporation
Fourth way they will prepare is by conducting research about local schools which have successfully incorporated these technologies into their school program.
Lastly, Career will install new WI-FI that will be able to handle all this additional technology.
Career needs to act now so this vision can become a reality.
Career must start working to convince the district that the funds needed are essential to the growth of the school. Career must ensure that the funds will be available.
The school will provide evidence to the district that this technology will improve student learning. The data will be collected from local schools which have had great successes after adding these tools to their school programs.
Career must pay close attention to its budget so that the funds being received are going towards these new initiatives. This may mean cutting back in other areas at first.
Committee of teachers and administrators working on this project should form immediately.
Committee should start planning professional develoment
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