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Task Conditioning progect

No description

Alina Moreau

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of Task Conditioning progect

Task Conditioning project
Alina Moreau
Psy 341

Goal/ Conditioned task
I wanted to increase the behavior of drinking more water. I struggle with drinking enough water and often find myself dehydrated. If I were to increase my water intake, many health benefits would follow including increased energy, metabolism and overall a better wellbeing. I have tried to increase and create a habit of drinking more water however they were un-successful attempts. My method then however had no rewards in contrast to how I have been doing things this time around.

Task Conditioning Project about how I learned to increased my desired behavior of drinking more water
Starting Point:
My average amount of water that I drank daily started at about 1.2 liters of water a day. My daily goal was to increase to 3.7 liters

The Procedure:
-I used positive reinforcement -intrinsic reward: I got a sticker after drinking 3.7 L
- fix- ratio for my scheduling: After each liter of water, I would reward myself with a sticker.
-intrinsically motivated
What I would have changed:
-Adding a primary reinforce as I only used a secondary with stickers.
- may have been more biologically inclined to want to complete the task of drinking water to reach my goal.
- gradual Increase of water intake

Week 1
Average water intake: 3.2
Week 2
Average water intake: 3.1
Week 3
Average water intake: 3.4
week 4:
Average water intake: 3.6

Class Application
- identify the different types of reinforcement and how to apply them
- learned the importance and proper way of scheduling these reinforcements for my specific task
-how to better reward my positive behaviors and learn what to expect after acquiring a new task or skill.

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