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Life just got easier

No description

Guadalupe Zuccolillo

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Life just got easier

“Helping people around the world live a simple and healthy life”
“We intend to provide our customers with the solution to all expiration dates for simpler and healthier lifestyle through innovation and modern technology”
Market description
Clip-it launches with an exciting new “no more expired foods here” concept for all who have a hard time keeping track of their products life cycle in their homes.

By launching this product in the US market, we maximize our potential for success due to several reasons:

College students:
there is a total of 4,140 colleges and 17,487,475 students enrolled (public and private institutions+ undergraduate and graduate programs) according to the National Center for Education Statistics, Digest of Education Statistics. 57% are women and 61.7% are full time.
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
New solution to expiring products
Clip-it launches with an exciting new "no more expired foods here" concept for all who have a hard time keeping track of their product life-cycle in their homes.
LG Smart Refrigerator: LG has given houses a “smart” makeover, releasing a voice-controlled fridge that helps you diet and keep track of your groceries, as well as ovens and washing machines that can be controlled via smartphone. It also comes with a “food management system” that allows users to check what is in their fridge from their smartphone, with granular details right down to the expiration date.

The Smart Refrigerator also includes a “health manager”, which will tell you recipes for things you can make based on what is in your fridge and the personal profiles of family members. LG says it takes into account age, gender, weight and body mass index to develop daily or weekly meal plans based on personal profiles.
Life just got easier
Target market
- Concerned with health and appearance

- Wants a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t have much time

- Life on the go

- Tech savvy

- Finds fulfillment in career and family

- Values time with friends
- Men and women ages 18-55

- College students

- Mothers (single or married)

- Working professionals

- Middle class

- $50,000 annual income or above

- All ethnicities

Remarkable difference
Web Plan
We plan to create a website so that it becomes a substantial revenue stream for Clip-it. We will also feature an open blog at the end of the page so that customers can comment on their experience and share their love for our product.

Although we project modest sales at other stores, we believe there is a potential in the online sales to become a substantial percentage of our revenue.
- To build brand awareness to our target demographic
(men and women 18-up)

- To be the most visible brand in our niche over the upcoming one year period

- To make everyone of our consumers want to talk about us in all social media platforms

- To create the most remarkable brand experience known in our category “We are the solution”

- To launch our product before Christmas 2014 (to attract attention and become the perfect Christmas present)
Women becoming mothers:
4,106,269 pregnant women from ages 18-54 according to the US Department of health in 1/1/2014

US Marriage Statistics:
there are 2,077,000 annual marriages.
Marriage rate 6.8 per 1,000 while divorce rate 3.4 per 1,000

Working professionals:
Payroll employment increases in August (+142,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.1%)

Growing Organic/health conscious market
Clip-it is the affordable solution for all those who want to keep track of expiration dates on the goods in their refrigerators or pantry.
Product/Service Innovation
Social Media Plan
Marketing Expense Budget
Monthly Marketing Calendar
Marketing Mix
Clip-it uses a strategy of total quality in its product and the desire for simplicity at home. Our promise is a unique device to facilitate and promote a healthier lifestyle at your fingertips.

To health conscious, educated, tech savvy consumers, Clip-it is the solution to keeping track of expiration dates on home goods by simply scanning grocery receipts or barcodes using your smartphone.
Facebook & Instagram:

On Facebook, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clock throughs on links than text based posts.

Posting times (Eastern time):

Instagram - 5-6pm weekdays and 8pm on Mondays with a sweet spot at 6pm

Facebook - 1-4pm and 2-5pm weekdays

Clip-it: redesigned clipper with new technology able to check the chemical reactions that happens when food starts to spoils or is already uneatable. You just turn on the product and download the app, once the device is synced by Bluetooth, the app will show that food already started to rot until it can’t be eaten anymore.

The app is also free to download, is just as easy as 4 steps. Turn Clip-it on download app, sync, and clip.

The Clip-it product can be used for meat, chicken, pizza, flour products, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk products.

Its small size makes it easy to fit anywhere in the freezer or outside; from a bowl of apple inside the freezer to a cluster of bananas in the kitchen, from yesterday’s Chinese food to your homemade breaded fish.
Just Clip the Clip-it next to it; in a container, bag, box, or even in a plate, leave it close to the food you want to know if you can eat it and is it done! You will be able to record your food and be able to know if it is still safe to eat it!

I. Facebook ad lifetime budget one year. 3,650$

ii. Other online sites $15,000

iii. Magazine Advertising $20.000 (local magazines)

iv. Miscellaneous $22.350

v. Total marketing expenses 58.650$
Critical Numbers:
Clip-it product has a plastic body with the appearance of a redesigned clothespin, 3 Led bulbs to show food state

(Green= Fresh “all good”, Yellow= Almost “eat with precaution, going bad soon”, and red= Expired “do not eat at all”),

Bluetooth transmitter to send a quick message of food getting spoil, turn on/off button, temperature sensor, food quality sensor.

The product will be managed with a phone app (free) provided by us, which has the ability to scan receipts or bar codes.


This item will be sold in our webpage, grocery stores (like Publix, Winn Dixie, convenience stores), pharmacies (CVS, Walgreen, etc.); Bed Bath and Beyond and some electronic devices stores.

As a new launching product, Clip-it will be sale 14.97 a small bag of 3; and 7.89 each Clip-it.

Clip-it advertising will be set on social media first, including websites as well as food magazines and even some electronic devices magazines.
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