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Going to Market

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on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Going to Market

WHO is being affected? Going to Market shape New York City's Neighborhood Grocery Store
and Supermarket Shortage Brogan O'Donnell
Rachel Elmkies
30 April 2013
Diversity & the City
Professor Shipp WHAT is the problem?
“Limited opportunity to buy fresh, nutritious food, which may reduce chances of preparing healthy meals” (Department of City Planning 1) WHERE is this happening? HOW can this be fixed? MASSEY & DENTON MAURASSE How could a bottom-up approach in high-need areas be facilitated?

What steps could planners take to make sure the community is included in the decision-making process? 3 million New Yorkers, especially in low-income communities of color Rezoning Land Use Regulation City-Owned Supermarkets Partnering with other City Agencies Trends in the Residential Segregation of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians: 1970 - 1980 (American Sociological Review) "A minority group is said to be segregated if it is unevenly distributed over tracts," (805). "The issue of urban development brings with it a constant dilemma - the quest to improve conditions in communities, yet certain improvements can bring dire consequences for some residents" (77). OVERALL Implications Linkages Summary WHAT WHO WHERE

Healthier food options increase property values. Does this mean better local food will always lead to some form of
gentrification? Why or why not? HOW Food for Thought How are low-income communities of color socially constructed?

How do these constructions affect neighborhood food options? Listening to Harlem: Gentrification, Community,and Business (2006)
Outsiders providing healthier options vs. communities creating them from within.

Local Food Initiatives (596 Acres, Eco-Station) WHERE is the problem? Image: New York City Department of Planning Image: Park Slope Food Coop SZE OUTLINE Summary
Food for Thought "The larger success" of garbage activists "was in terms of the politics of representation...using its disproportionate pollution exposure as a means of community mobilization" (141). The Racial Geography of New York City Garbage Top-Down Planning Approaches
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