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No description

Dannah Soriano

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of THE SCRIPT

Hi, it’s __________________.
I’m calling on behalf of NZINVEST.
How are you today?

[Wait for them to answer. Engage in chit chat, etc. Talk about anything.]
That’s great to hear.

This is a quick courtesy call regarding our free updated information on tax savings and retirement information, to help people like yourself become fully aware of the tax saving entitlements available to you.

It will only take a couple of minutes, alright?
[If customer agrees...]

First of all, are you and your partner working full time at the moment?
Would your combined household income be $100K or more?
Do you feel you pay too much tax?
And do you own your own home, either outright or with mortgage?


I just have 3 YES/NO benefit questions I’d like to run by you to see if our service will be of interest to you…OK?
If we could show you how to create an additional income stream, on top of your current income, would that be of interest to you?
Are you aware of the genuine government incentives available to you to legitimately reduce your tax by up to 50%?
Lastly, if we could show you how to simply and easily use those saved tax dollars to help you pay off your home loan years fast and save thousands in interest, without changing your lifestyle, would that be of interest to you as well?
Great! That’s 3 out of 3!

That’s why we’re offering this FREE information. The first step is to book you in to receive your free 2018 Kick Start Financial Strategy, sponsored by NZINVEST. Effectively, this report will give you all the current information relative to you and your partner’s unique situation.
Now, I want to make it clear this is a no obligation, free information. I can arrange a convenient time that suits you both. We usually do the appointment in the comfort of your own home, but if you prefer you’re welcome to come to our office in the City.

This appointment usually takes about 45 minutes to an our, depending on your questions. Naturally, we ask that both you and your partner are available to attend.

Is that fair enough?
OK. To get the most out of the presentation and to see if it will benefit you both, I need to ask
one final questions.

Q: Would you have $400K or more in equity in your home?

[If unsure]
I can work that out for you.
What would be the approximate value of your home? And what’s the outstanding mortgage?
[If Qualified]

Fantastic! So what time would you prefer your appointment, morning, afternoon or evening?

OK, we have x time or x time; which works better for you?
[Once appointment time/day is set]

That’s all we need today. That’s all booked for you. Thank you for your time.

I know you’ll get great value out of your consultation. We’ll give you a reminder call the day before your appointment.
Have a great day!
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