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Three options for Tuition Assistance

No description

michelle meyer

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Three options for Tuition Assistance

ALA Tuition Assistance
Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program
State tax liability can be used to support students in private schools

"Private, Christian education sounds wonderful,
but I'm concerned about tuition."
Three options for Tuition Assistance
2. ALA Tuition Assistance
ALA Scrip Program
Scrip = gift cards
1. ALA Scrip Program
3. AZ Tuition Tax Credit Program
Awards based on need
Unknowns: How much is in the fund? How many people apply? What will my award be?
Applications available in February, due May 15
Awards determined during the summer
Use scrip cards to pay for shopping, dining out, entertainment
Percentage comes back to support ALA and your student
2017-18: over $64,600 awarded to students (75 awards)
2016-17 $621,000 was awarded to ALA students
Help is available!
Welcome to the Tuition Assistance Workshop
Check out Scrip at ALAcoyotes.org
185 students - 25 internationals = 160 students
128 students received an award so far this year (80%)
11 students are paid in full - February 2018
9 students have less than $2000 to pay
23 students have $4500+ already awarded
65 students have awards totaling between $1000-$4500
21 students have received less than $1000
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