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ABC Cold War

No description

travis bach

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of ABC Cold War

A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Atomic Energy Act In 1946, all of promision was granted by congress to the Atomic Energy Commission to control all research and development of the atomic bombs under the highest national security. Berlin Crisis In June 1948, Stalin stopped all traffic to West Berlin, which was controlled by the Western allies. The crisi made a U.S. led military alliance against the soviets. Containment Policy A doctrine created by the goverment to stop communism and to secure for the U.S, the leading role in world affairs. Dumbartion Oaks An estate where allies would shape the united nations that would stop disputes among members as well as impede members. Election of 1948 Truman defeated Dewey with 303 to 189 electoral votes. Fall out Shelter Structures made underground with food and supplies that were used to keep people safe from radioactivity. Glasnost Its a policy that was promoted during the latter half of the 1980's in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev. The U.S put all their trust in the Atomic bomb development. Therefore, it shows the demand for the bombs and how important they are to the U.S. Basically, Stalin tried to stop us from getting in, so we decdied to show him this cannot happen so the U.S joined an alliance aganst the soviets. Since we were helping out the allies that were aganst communism. The ones who were not they wouldm't get any supplies because we don't want to spread communism. We want to spread capitlizm. This was very impotant because since the war was over we needed to divide things up. So that if we do, maybe it will stop this from being a hazzard again. Due to all of the new bombing material we needed to have a safe zone for everyone. So people started to build these shelters just in case. This policy meant that the USSR was more open with their potlitical opinion and social issues. Harold Ickes He was an united states secretary for president Franklin. D. Roosevelt his main task was to put his "New Deal" in action. KOMSOMOL Limited Ban Test Treaty Iron Curtain I Its a term that was used to discribe the growth between the East-West divide during the postwar. ( Europe between the communist and democratic nations.) Jupiter It is intermedate missles made by former German rocket scientist after WW11. ( Made for the U.S) Agreement signed by the United States,Great Britain and the Soveit Union that prohibitied the testing of nuclear weapons. McCarthyism U.S. campaign to root out communists in government and society during the late 1940s and 1950s led by Sen. Joseph McCarthy; accusations were often based on rumors and half-truths. NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization, begun in 1949 as a military and political alliance of European nations,United States and Canada to protect Western Europe from a Soviet attack. Ostpolitik The main function of this act was to improve the ties of all the bloc nation in the soviet nations, which did eventually turn into a treaty with poland, the Soviet Union and East Germany. Politburo Executive committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Quiet Diplomacy How things change behind the scenes in contrast to what the press reports.
Refusniks They were Jews that were denied the option to leave so and when they tried to they were persecuted. Stasi East German secret police TU-95 Soviet jet bomber capable of delivering a nuclear device to the United States. U-2 Spy plane capable of taking pictures from as high as 80,000 feet Velvet Revolution Mass protests in Czechoslovakia that was a failure of commnist in that country Warsaw Pact Soviet-led Eastern European defense organization that was an alliance that counter the U.S. Yalta This was the secound biggest meeting that was to to discuss the occupation of postwar Germany and Eastern Europe.

Zero Option Western German peace movement proposal that discussed the idea of getting rid of all the nuclear weapons everywhere As industry began to grow, Ickes spent all of his time improving the industry at this time The iron curtain was one of the key factors
between the two vast differences in cultures which seperated the US from the USSR. This portrays the aspect of the arms
race and our anxiety for a greater
power as the war whent on. The communist youth party
of the Soviet Union Children as young as 14
were tought at such a
young age the communist
views and values. As fear grew, this ensured the safety in the eyes
of citizens, after the 50ton nuclear test by Russia. This 'objective of stopping Communism was the
drastic difference and main root of the problem
durring the Cold War. Again the idea of how America had
helped out all of Western Europe
but has left out Russia due to much
tension before and durring WWII. This shows a part of a resolution to the
problem and how the Soviets wanted to
impose thier ways of governing on surrounding
countries. Like in events like the Cuban Missle
Crisis diplomacy was the main factor
to which it was resolved. Refusinek meaning refusal did not
allow the Soviet Jews acces to
emmigrate abroad. These types of improvements served as threats towards the united states creating more and more tension and fear of a nuclear war. As the spread of Communistic views were unwanted
in many countries, governments and people
overthrew and revolted againsed these views Was viewed by the United States
as a strategy to stop an invasion
at all costs for the Soviets This meeting triggered the spark of the
split of Germany eventually leading to much
tension causes of the Cold War As the tension may have been starting to
die the threat of high powers with
dangerous bombs had to have ground rules. X-planes This was a plane to design and to test aircrafts. In the Cold war there was a lot of testing going on because the more we tested something the more we can improve it. For instance, if we have the best aircrafts every other country will be scared of us and it will bring us to the top. CIA Central Intelligence Agency, established in 1947 by Truman They are basically the group of people they know everything, however not allowed to tell classified information. Otherwise they know everything behind the scenes This election was very important due to Truman and Dewey had two different ideas. Meaning if Dewey won things could have gone seriously wrong. Iron Curtain
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