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Making Assignments "Prezi"licious

There are many Web 2.0 sites that offer tools for students and teachers to engage in deep learning experiences. One such is Prezi, a powerful and flexible visualization presentation creator. It is especially effective for crafting graphic organizers and

emtech ecsd

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Making Assignments "Prezi"licious

Learners acquire and store knowledge in two primary ways: linguistic (by reading or hearing lectures), and nonlinguistic (through visual imagery, kinesthetic or whole-body modes, and so forth). The more students use both systems of representing knowledge, the better they are able to think about and recall what they have learned (Marzano, Pickering, & Pollock, 2001). Visual representations help students recognize how related topics connect (NCTM, 2000). What Does the Research say About
Graphic Organizers? Types of Graphic Organizers Comparison & Contrast
Cause & Effect Concept Mapping Students have to analyze information at a deep level in order to decide what information to delete, what to substitute, and what to keep when they are asked to give a summary (Anderson, V., & Hidi, 1988/1989; Hidi & Anderson, 1987). Representing Knowledge Nonlinguistically Robert J. Marzano, May 2010 Double Bubble Summarizing http://prezi.com/heta0c8btjcb/8d-group-f/ http://prezi.com/u9k_vycn1qex/rotations-3/ http://prezi.com/w8d_lsw31kzv/reflection-1/ Classifying http://prezi.com/bbxxnxq2v_ug/8d-group-b/ http://prezi.com/61a46deqhv4b/military/ http://prezi.com/_yrfur_km4t7/trade/ Problem Solving Scenarios Comparison & Contrast Concept Map Cause & Effect Classifying Describe a minimum of 3 major changes in technology over the past 20 years as well as an effect of each of these changes Lessons Learned Setting Up and Managing Accounts and Assignments Use the "Gmail Trick" to create student accounts Separate email address for web-based services such as Prezi
Prezi registrations require different email addresses for each account
Teachers may not want to create and manage different email addresses for each student
Gmail email "alias" feature sends email to same email address
username+extension@gmail.com (e.g. maasdw@gmail.com could be maasdw+joey@gmail.com, maasdw+s1@gmail.com
Unique Prezi accounts can be created using different aliases pointing to a single email address Create original images with
PowerPoint or Publisher How does your summer vacation compare to your winter break? What are the similarities and differences between two locations of your choice? What would the ideal day look like to you? What should a good classroom have? What is the greatest movie of all time and why? Why there is homelessness in our land of plenty?
What causes people to become friends? Would you rather have a dog, a cat, or a fish as a pet? List the pros and cons of each How could you categorize the activities you do after school hours? prezi.com edu.prezi.com Student samples Student samples Invite students to the prezi Work with the content
before the tech Making Assignments "Prezi-licious" Rob Madunicky, Danny Maas
Edmonton Catholic Schools
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