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pepa gomez

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of CHICAGO

Made by: Carmen Brito and Lucía Macarro
Where is Chicago?
What is Chicago?
Chicago is in tHe U.S.A . It is known like
" The winter city."

Chicago has many interestig things
for example some parks.
Millenium Park
Navy Pier
We are going to talk about
that park (Millenium Park)
Millenium Park has different monuments.
For example:

- Crown Fountain
- Lurie Garden
- Cloud Gate

This garden was built by Gustafson Guthrie, Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel
This is an urban oasis
Lurie Garden
Cloud Gate
Crown Fountain
Is a public monument built by Anish Kapoor and it was inaugurated in 2006. It is known like "Bean" because the monument has that form.
Is a interactive and public monument. Built by Jaume Plensa in 2004.
Because the climate zone. The Michigan
lake influence in that.
Chicago has a very famous basketball
team: "Chicago Bulls"
Chicago Bulls is professional basketball
team of the NBA (National Basketball
Association) For many people, Michael
Jordan (old player of Chicago Bulls) is the
best basketball player of the history.
Chicago Bulls has three different uniforms:
Its actual coach is: Tom Thibodeau
Its stadium is : United Center
Chicago has a very popular Festival.
Here,a group of persons do funny dances
with special clothes to enjoy people and to make them laugh.
This festival is very famous, specially in
Chicago and in the U.S.A.
There are a lot of types of dances.
The film "Batman" was filmed in Chicago.
A very famous monument in Chicago
is the Willis Tower.

The Willis Tower is a monument in which you can enjoy
with a fantastic view of the city of Chicago got on a glass platform.

The views are very tallest.
Chicago is a very interesting
city and you can learn more
about it yet.
We hope you learn
something about Chicago.
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