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steel wool and vinger

No description

Miss Tanis

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of steel wool and vinger

steel wool and vinegar hypothesis our hypothesis was test b was will reacnt more faster than test a and our hypothesis was correct so test b recant faster than test a because test b had brownish color and smelled
like pickles will test a or test b question our question recant faster and why procedure step 1 gather all materials you need for the experiment are steel
wool,thermometer ,and you need vinger step 2 put vinger the wool
with a graduted cylinder step 3 watch for a day and there's a chemical reaction Data test b recanted faster than test a in one day
because it had more vinegar in the cup and also it had a little more wool reflection our reflection is that will both experiments
will be the same. we both had said they will
reactant the same because they both have
vinger and wool so we had said both will
reactant at the same time. by jose.c and jose g was why will it reancant
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