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THE Haida indians

No description

Dena Statum

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of THE Haida indians

The Haida Indians
School: John .S John
Name: Seth Hill
Date: Novmber, 2013
The Haida Indians home land is near
the coast of southern Alaska .
The Haida Indians got their food from
hunting and fishing .They fished in the ocean sometimes .
Their houses are made of Red Cedar Wood for the wall and bark for the roof .Most of the time their houses were 100 feet long .Each house had 40 or 05 families They decorated their houses with totem polls.
The Haida Indians wore different clothes for the different weather. In the warm weather the Haida Indians wore barely anything. The men in the cold weather wore long capes, and the woman would wear skirts and capes .
The Haida Indians gathered their food in the Spring and Autumn. They got their meat by hunting and fishing. XThey fished in the ocean some times .
they had mane chifs hear are some of the names Thasi skil hiilans Gidansda.
special traditions
Haida indians artist are know fore their basketry and their wood carving they carved totem pols .Theyused haroopns and bows and arrows.
I thank that this is a cool group I like that they hunt and fish and carve totem poles.
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