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Big Brothers Big SIsters Little Orientation

No description

Kim Harbin

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Big Brothers Big SIsters Little Orientation

What is a Big?
Friend and role model
Someone you can talk to and have fun with
Someone that is not your teacher, counselor or parent
What are the rules?
Big are not allowed to spend alot of money

No friends/siblings on outings

Always use manners and be on BEST behavior

Try new activities - don't always insist on having your own way

Let parent/guardian know about plans with your Big

Let parent/guardian know if you Big ever does something that makes you feel uncomfortable

A Big Is...
A Big is Not...
What will you do with your Big?
Activities that don't cost much money

Big Brothers Big SIsters Little Orientation
What is Match Support?
Once a month

Talk about your Big, school, and your family

Always be open and honest

Tell us if you have any problems or questions
You don't have to wait for us to call you...you can always call us!
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