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fasquel camille

on 29 November 2010

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BRITISH ARCHITECTURE OUTLINE 2. Particularity of each Country 3. Modern British Architecture 1. History of British Architecture Architecture is about evolution, not revolution 1. History of British Architecture Architecture really appeared in the 5th century Norman Conquest Gothic cathedral Durham Cathedral King's College Chapel The most imposing Norman building in England : Durham Cathedral A powerful symbol of Norman domination : White Tower White Tower The Tudors - stately and curious workmanship (16th century) Buildings were used to display status and wealth Particularities:
Bigger and lighter
Great expanses of glass
Symmetrical exteriors
Exterior ornament Materials:
Brick Mixture of Gothic and classical styles Hampton Court Palace Longleat House Styles of the 17th century Exuberance of Stuarts 'a heap of craziness of decorations... very disgusting to see' Contact with French, Dutch and Italian architecture Houses reflecting the latest European trends St Paul's Cathedral Styles of the 18th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio (1508-80) Inspiration of the Antiquity Austere neo-classical Oriental palaces Chiswick House John Nash's Royal Pavilion Kedleston Hall Victorian times (19th century) Refuge in a fictitious past (classic, gothic,...) The Houses of Parliament Crystal Palace New industrial processes: Cristal Palace Styles of the 20th century - conservatism and change The Modern Movement Metal, concrete and the absence of decoration The De le Warr Pavilion 2. Particularity of each country England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales "sumptuous" manor ans "humble" cottage The most distinctive Scottish fortification : the tower houses Castle Stalker Classical forms of ancient Greece and Rome in Palladian architecture Palladian Architecture 3. Modern British architecture Denys Lasdun's Royal National Theatre 70's : the British 'New Brutalist' style Hayward Gallery Modernism remained a significant force in English architecture Mains Architects :
Lord Rogers
Lord Foster Lloyd's building Millenium Dome
Swiss Re Building or "the Gherkin " Greater London Authority The Middle Ages – 1066 Post-war : cheap housing, produced quickly Carrickfergus Castle Caernarfon Castle Do you have some questions ? A bay window
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