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iPads in the classroom

No description

Margene Anderson

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of iPads in the classroom

Resources for you
iPads with a purpose
iPads in the Classroom
Get past the "coolness factor" into the transforming factor.
iPads for Skill Support
Creative Management
iPads for innovation and Productivity
Tablet computers offer all-in-one productivity, and mobile information gathering abilities.
With Margene Anderson, M.S.
Information and Technology Teacher, Sun Prairie School District

Today's Learning Objectives:
1. iPads with a purpose
2. iPads for skill supplement
3. iPads for innovation and productivity
4. Creative Management
What we Want to Believe
What too often happens
Let's get this straight...
...tablets are not a panacea
Shhhh....it's okay to play games on the ipad!
Meeting the challenge of differentiation
Taking it to the next level
World of Goo $4.99
Popplet Lite: Free
Bridge Builder Lite: Free
Civilization V: $2. 99
Sushi Monster: Free
Endless Alphabet: Free
Animoto: Free
Uploaded Pictures and Videos taken on iPad
Leaf Snap: Free
Popplet Lite: Free
What to do with a few
What to do with 1:1
What to do with a teacher iPad
Are you concerned about...
Tech experts
Access Information
Monitor in real time
interact and provide feedback
Interactive Lectures
Netop Classroom management
Lecture Tools
Investigate and research
Connect and collaborate
Google it...No Seriously!
Join a user group
Start/Collect Symabaloo
Follow reviewers
Scoot Pad: Free/Subscription
Kahn Academy: Free
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