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No description

Amy Swanson

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday

Some Notes and Reminders:

1. You have your WODS quiz on Friday. We will try to get it done during 6th before we are called to the rally. All other work will take place on Monday- including our Roots quiz for lesson 5.

2. The "Z" drive has been repaired, so, we will type our essays in class tomorrow.

3. You should put forth your BEST EFFORT on your Articles of the Week. This assignment is specifically designed to make you a better analyst for non-fiction texts, which, by the way, is a skill you need in LIFE (newspapers, magazines, information related to things you buy, use, your health, etc.) in your future jobs, in your science and social studies classes...
Work hard to get the right answers to the questions on the AOW. It's worth the effort
Don't forget to include today's date: 10/8/14 and put today's quote in the Wednesday box.

Copy the quote accurately and completely and respond thoughtfully.

"To fight fear, act. To increase fear - wait, put off postpone."
David Joseph Schwartz

Here's a quick review: the verb in each sentence tells you what the subject is BEING or DOING. When the verb expresses an action, it is called an action verb. Identify the verbs in each of the following sentences and say if each is an action verb or not.
1. Kelly is sure that she is the best swimmer on the team.
2. Justice will race Kelly in the pool next Friday.
3. The kids cheer for Justice.
4. Kelly has been too arrogant to get much support.
5. However, Kelly wins the race.
6. Justice's coach looks sad.
7. Kelly runs over and hugs Justice.
8. Justice pushes Kelly away.
9. The bystanders are surprised by Justice's reaction.
10. The pool closes early.
11. Everyone is happy about the warm weather.
12. Kelly's dad takes the whole team out for ice cream.
Do now.
An American Childhood
1. For these first four questions answer "Agree" or "disagree" and write one sentence explaining why. Be prepared to share.

2. Quickwrite- Take 15 minutes to write silently in response to this prompt.

3. Let's talk about MOOD.
Look at the picture above, the picture in the textbook, and the way you wrote your quickwrite. What kinds of things help to create mood?
October 8, 2014
This week's WODS are:
Tirade Oblivion
Let's work with these two a moment.

Now, write a story including all TEN WODS so far.
Highlight all WODS
. In addition:
Use five adverbs in your story.
Underline them.
Use ten action verbs in your story.
Circle them.
Finally, choose at least three of the words below to include.
Draw a box
around theses.
ship storm waves
toothbrush gold tooth
dentist clown ocean

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