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Hypermedia in the Classroom

No description

Sheena Tolson

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Hypermedia in the Classroom

Hypermedia in the Classroom
What is Hypermedia?
"Hypermedia simply extends the notion of the text in hypertext by including visual information, sound, animation, and other forms of data" (Landow).
Multimedia and Hypermedia
"The combination of media such as video and audio with text makes them multimedia; the ability to get from one media element to another makes them hypermedia" (Roblyer, p.2)
Types of Hypermedia



Types of Hypermedia
Examples include music, verbal instructions, sound effects, podcasts, reading applications (e.g. Starfall.com)
Starfall Example
Examples include demonstrations, simulations, lesson examples, video slide presentations, recorded lectures (e.g. KhanAcademy.org)
Khan Academy Example
Examples include documents, maps, diagrams, illustrative tools, scanned images (e.g. Wikimedia)
Wikimedia Example
Interactive Text (Scholastic News Example)
Hypermedia Systems
-Commercial media (i.e. reference tools)

-Multimedia authoring Tools
Commercial Media
Includes such tools as instructional software, reference materials (e.g. encyclopedias, almanacs, newspapers), ebooks, and interactive storybooks (e.g. StoryPlace.org)
Authoring Tools
Includes presentation software, video production and editing systems, virtual reality environments, Web 2.0 tools
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