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MKT 245

Karina Rocha

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of BookSwap.com

Timeline Social Responsibility 2016 2012 2013 2014 2015 Take A Look 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Strength



Threats Books Strength



Threats Who we are

>Bookswap Inc. believes in providing excellent service to our customers while also contributing on improving the economy and sustaining the environment. The organization was founded upon three basic principles: making life easier, providing excellent customer service, and handling all of our business with the utmost integrity. Environmental Scan Our Site Citation Team "Why Not?" Luis Herrera, Felix Alvarado, Luis Mimila, Karina Rocha >The mission of BookSwap.com is to provide college students a good quality service and an opportunity to exchange, buy and sell their books.

> Non-financial Goals:
1. Provide a service in which students can exchange, buy, and sell their books.
2. Expand to all the secondary education schools in Arizona within the next year.
3. To reach 10,000 users within the first year.

>Financial Goals:
1. Gain two major sponsors within the first year.
2. Integrate advertisement into the website within the first year.
3. Make significant profit no later than our second year. Thank You! Marketing Mix: Advertising Promotion- Buy 2 months in advance get one free. Place- Online, location on the website (Priority/Regular) Product-Advertising slots (regular & priority) Marketing Mix: Books Product Price Promotion Place Advertising Chegg, Craigslist, Facebook, and many other websites that advertise to make profit. As a new company we need to become known before we can sell advertisement spots on our website. Unlike other companies in the textbook industry, we allow users to put their own prices on the textbooks they wish to sell. We have the opportunity to start in a small community such as GCU, then eventually start expanding on to other school campuses •Increase in amount of people who own smart phones Social •Recent rapid growth in popularity of social networks •Increase in amount of students that enroll in college/university •Increase in retail prices of college text books •Increase in average college tuition prices Economic
•Continued development of social networking web sites
•Production of textbooks in different languages
•Significant loyalty to name recognition
•Growing popularity and significance of the BBB
•Greater concern for privacy and personal security. •Demand for user friendly technology
•Development of new technology such as E-readers/tablets
•Colleges implementing new technology to their curriculum

Aud, S., Hussar, W., Johnson, F., Kena, G., Roth, E., Manning, E., & ... National Center for Education Statistics, (. (2012). The Condition of Education 2012. NCES 2012-045. National Center For Education Statistics,
Unlike big industries we will charge a small amount for advertising therefore attracting small local businesses thanks to the affordable price School Bookstores, Amazon, BookRags, and other websites that sell books. People might not trust other users when it comes to trading the books. The current economic status of college students might encourage them into using our service so they can find a cheaper alternative to obtain a textbook. All textbooks that users are willing to share It is set by the users Word of mouth and Posters will be spread around GCU campus It will only be focused in the GCU community Technology Regulatory Competitive Price-$50/month for regular. $75 for priority 1000-1500 Users
5 businesses advertising Expand to all Arizona Colleges and Universities
Offer over 10 Advertisement slots
Over 10,000 users
Over 50,000 transactions that year Go national
Over 250 Colleges and universities
Over 100,000 users
Gain global sponsors/advertisers Go global
Create exchange stations
Over 1 million users registered to bookswap.com

Societal Responsibility
Cause marketing donating book per transaction
Recycling Service

Stakeholder Responsibility
Security and privacy

Profit Responsibility
Selling advertisement slots
Increase price with demand
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