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How Roman Culture influenced our modern life

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Elana Herbst

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of How Roman Culture influenced our modern life

HOW ROME INFLUENCED TODAY'S CULTURE Rome influenced our culture today in many ways.
One example is the colosseum.
The colosseum is very similar to the sports arenas we have today!
It housed thousands of people, and people would come to watch games and be entertained.
The modern building and colosseum even look alike! modern sports stadium Roman colosseum Rome also influenced our language. We use the same alphabet as the romans We use the same alphabet that Romans created! The alpahabet we use today is the same one used by the Romans! Many of our words come from
Latin, the language of Ancient Rome Romans were also a big part of our technology The idea for the aquaducts we use today came from the Romans Romans invented concrete, which has many uses today! Many parts of our world were greatly influenced by this intelligent group of ancient people. Another part of our world influenced by Romans is government. The greek government was the basis for our United States government today! The Roman government had three branches, just like ours. The idea of checks and balances also came from the Romans.
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