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Sports Nutrition Workshop

Fueling to excel in sports

Alyson Marquez

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Sports Nutrition Workshop

Sports Nutrition Workshop
Sports Psychology Movement Institute
Fueling Strategies
What is the most important thing to make your car move ?
Well balanced diet
Right number of meals & snacks
Alyson Marquez
How to Fuel Your Body for Optimal Performance
Fill the Tank Up!
Fuel your body's daily routine [ School, Training, Academics, Growing ]


Use High Quality Fuel
Focus on eating a diet rich in variety
Fuel Up !
The Building Blocks
of Fuel
Hydration is an important part of your diet

Key role in sports performance
Helps maintain body temperatures
Removes waste and lubricates joints
Keeping the Body Running Smooth
Turbo Power!
Eat to fuel your body for all the day’s activities
Choose foods from all of the food groups
Eat throughout the day (every 3-4 hours)
Stay well hydrated
Pack a snack
Performance Boosters

Increase power, strength & endurance

Increase your energy levels in every day life & for training

Boost your immune system

Optimize your body composition

Promote muscle growth & recovery
Sports Nutrition Benefits
The Benefits of Working with a Sports Dietitian

Race your car to the finish line first!
Create a fueling lunch menu.
List one reason improving your food intake can help your sports performance.
List one area of your sports routine you want to improve.
Questions ?
Thank You
Fuel !

Skipping meals
Avoiding certain food groups
Not drinking enough fluids
Too much caffeine
Fad diets
Energy Drainers
Fuel up Exercise
Fueling to Excel in Sports
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