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4 PowerPoint Alternatives

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on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of 4 PowerPoint Alternatives

4 PowerPoint Alternatives Next time you give a presentation, try something new!

Stand out by allowing yourself to be creative and try a new approach.

The results may surprise you...and your audience will thank you. What's the big idea? Prezi employs a “zooming user interface” and intuitive controls to allow presenters to give presentations that are dynamic, creative and rich in narrative story.

You might just be witnessing a Prezi in action this very moment...

Learn more: Keynote Google Docs, Google's suite of cloud-based office software, has a robust presentation tool. It also allows for collaboration and easy sharing. It has some limitations but can do most everything the basic PowerPoint user might want. See below for a ridiculous example of what it's capable of in the right hands.

Learn more: Non-tech Tools Not a fan of using technology in your presentations? Try something refreshing and new by ditching the projector all together.
Illustrate your points on a whiteboard
Use several sheets of butcher block paper and create a flip book style presentation
Hand out a one-pager and talk people through your idea succinctly Death by PowerPoint 1. A criticism of slide-based presentations referring to a state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload during presentations such as those created by the Microsoft application PowerPoint. - noun (See also: 'Bored to tears,' 'lack of creativity,' 'uninspiring'.) Why is it this way? The day was May 22, 1990... ...it doesn't have to be this way. Since Microsoft's PowerPoint launched alongside Windows 3.0 in 1990, no product has come close to challenging the software's market supremacy.

"Death by PowerPoint" has attacked our brains mercilessly ever since. 3 Fun Facts About PowerPoint: PowerPoint controls 95% of the presentation software market... ...and has been installed on 1 billion computers It's estimated that 350 PowerPoint presentations are given each second around the world. Keynote, Apple's answer to PowerPoint, is only available to Mac users. It's noted to be more user-friendly than PowerPoint, with easier multimedia and animation controls. It's also supported on Apple's mobile platforms.

Obviously, famed Apple CEO Steve Jobs was a big fan of using them during his renowned product unveils.

Learn more: Learn more: No matter what you use... Always focus on substance, not style. Flash is no substitute for good, well thought out ideas. Only use visuals if you must--they may not always be needed. Think about your audience: Why did they come? Make sure you're conveying that information in the most effective way possible. Don't hide behind your slides.
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