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Week 2, Module Management History

Lilian Völker

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of OBM2

Week 2:
Module Management History Historical Background 1776 Adam Smith 1750-1850 Industrial Revolution Classical approach Frederick Winslow Taylor
Scientific Management Henri Fayol
General Administrative Theory Max Weber
Bureaucracy Behavioral Approach Organizational Behavior Early advocates Robert Owen Hugo Münsterberg Mary Parker Follett Chester Barnard Hawthorne Studies Western Electric Company Works Elton Mayo Quantitative Approach Total Quality Management W. Edwards Demming Joseph M. Juran Customer Improvement Process Everything Measurement Empowerment Contemporary Approach Systems approach Open system Closed system Contingency approach If....Then.... Next week: Group 2: Closing Group Presentation Case application 1 Chapter 1: More than a good story
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