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ashley arabia

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Story

A Whole New Mind
By: Daniel H. Pink What is Story? Story refers to the art of narrating information. Instead of merely retelling facts in a mindless list, using them in a story offers a much greater impact. How is story used? "As an educator, I strive to use story to create meaning
in my classroom. In addition to simply reading about
events in history, we sometimes act them out.
We view movies based on history with characters
that tell the story. " - Adam Dugger Advertising In the Classroom Mini Saga Senioritis is like a plague. It slowly contaminates the entire senior class, until our GPAs, productivity, and motivation are completely gone. The only reason we get up is for the promise that we will not come back again someday and our afternoon nap. And it is coming for you too. A Mini Saga is a quick way to tell a story. Its 50 words and has to have a beginning middle and end. EXAMPLE Mr. Bullock Using his story to teach life lessons in class. TV Example Judge Greg Mathis Criminal activity (Gang Member)
Sent to jail
Turned life around
Became a lawyer
Then a Judge
Now is helping people not make the same mistakes he did He uses his story in the beginning of every show when explaining how he got into law.
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