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Timeline 1450-1750

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courtney sanchez

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Timeline 1450-1750

In 1475 the first muzzle- loaded rifle was made.
Invented by british during the Napoleonic Wars. Now know was the "Rifles" The impact is the world has built off of that rifle and built bigger and one faster ones like automatics First Muzzle- loaded Rifles The Sun Stone Calendar was invented in the 1480.
The Aztec invented the calendar.
Invention name "calendar"
The impact of the Sun Stone Calendar has helped us create the calendar that has 12 months and figured out we have 365 days and leap years every 4 years Sun Stone Calendar The helicopter was invented in 1480 through 1520
Italian inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci who invented the helicopter
The invention name: Aerial Screw
The impact has helped us create more powerful helicopters and use 2 blades as well as using a engine and gasoline. Helicopter Pocketwatch In the 1500 the pocket watch was invented.
In Germany, Peter Hehlein invents pocket watch.
Invention Name: "Nuremberg Eggs."
The impact of watch has created to have hand watches on our
wrist and new styles. Compound Microscope In the 1595 the compound microscope was created.
Zacharias Janssen who invented compound microscope
The invention name: Compound Microscope
The Impact of the microscope helped us see more than the naked eye. As well as built a newer advance microscope. Compound Microscope In the 1610 it was created out of a telescope
Inventor: Galileo Galilei
Name: Compound Mircoscope
Impact: Helped us learn more baout germs and more bacteria that the naked eye couldn't see Steam Engine In the 1698, Thomas Saver created the steam engine. The called it the steam engine.
The impact of the steam engine helped us with transportation like trains supplying united states with food and cars Seed drill In the 1701 in England Jethro Tull invents seed drill. Invention name: Seed Drill. The impact has helped us with farming and have food grow faster and more organized. Thermometer In the 1714, inventor Fahrenheit uses mercury to creates thermometer. The invention name was called Thermometer
The impact of the thermometer has helped us find what the temperature is in our weather, food, body. Shuttle Loom In the 1733 a englishman John kay invents a shuttle loom. They called it the flying shuttle. The impact us helped with making clothes and materials
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