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Beth Sanzenbacher

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of IMCC

Using Digital Education to Enhance Outreach and Engage Youth in
Marine Conservation Joshua Drew
Beth Sanzenbacher
Naushad Yakub Goals Implementation of
large and small scale
digital learning projects
Time & Assets
Staff & Expertise
Costs & Funding Hear from:
Students WhyReef is a module in the virtual world Whyville.net - a science based virtural world with over 6.7 million members - that educates youth aged 8 - 16 about coral biology, ecology and conservation.

Field Museum and Whyville partnership
Field Museum provided science and pedagogy
Whyville provied programing and graphics
6 months of intensive staff development then tapered off; dedicated staff!
Over 140,000 unique players in first year!
Popular activity and active community- ~20% of all Whyvillians play WhyReef every day.
$300,000 grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Large Scale Small Scale Conservation Connection is an after-school program that engages high school teens in Chicago and Fiji in coral reef biology, ecology and conservation through the use of virtual worlds, social networks, video production, and real world activities.

Field Museum, WCS and FLMMA partnership
Field Museum were lead project managers and digital developers
WCS and FLMMA coordinated logistics and implemented in Fiji
All partners provided scientific content, developed curriculum, and facilitated with teens
Tech requirements: computers, video cameras, video editing software, speakers, projectors, hard drives, Ning account, Vimeo account
Teens connected with one another and experts to learn about coral reefs and become stewards of their environment
$150,000 grant from Digital Media and Learning Competition Dive Deeper Involvement, Benefits, Lessons Learned Scientist NGO Educator Outcomes Stewards for Reefs and Conservation Action! Importance of
Partnerships! Importance of
Partnerships! Real Science & Conservation
Participatory & Peer Learning
Iterative Process & Digital Skills
Intensive! Communicating Research
Delegation & Trust Overfishing is a major threat to our marine environment. Since most of our coastal villages rely heavily on these resources either for subsistence or commerce....
As the population in Fiji grows, the demand on the country's natural resources has also grown...
In addition, globalization has added to the issue of overfishing in Fiji. Fishes that are caught locally are being exported overseas to increase economic returns for our island nation...
... if there are no more herbivorous fishes like rabbitfish or parrotfish in a particular reef and if this reef starts growing algae, there will be no fish to graze on these algae and control their growth. When this happens, the corals will be smothered by algae and will die. When the corals die, the reef dies and all the other organisms that depended on this reef will be affected...
... we should make sure that (1) certain species of fishes that are on the brink of extinction are banned from any form of fishing until the fish population recovers, (2) seasonal bans being placed on certain species of fishes when they are spawning and (3) harsher penalties are given for those caught using harmful fishing methods.... ISE, TSL, CRPA
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