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Martell Linsdell Digital Artefact

Second Submission of a prezi, hopefully linking together all of my explorations into e-learning and digital cultures as part of the #edcmooc course 2013

Martell Linsdell

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Martell Linsdell Digital Artefact

I created a Pinterest account in order to gather visual images linked to responses to the #edcmooc readings and film clips, it was rather like scrapbooking or creating files of influences. Another time I could spend more time reflecting on the images and why I have been drawn to them in the context of the readings and film clips. alternative learning spaces? Martell Linsdell

(an attempt at)

~ a digital artefact
Feb 2013 Digital Chaos!!
-real world technologies First venture into blogging in response to the #edcmooc course
Please visit me on http://martellsmooc.wordpress.com This was such a rich way to gather
influences and visual stimuli.

Please visit my portfolio/boards here
http://pinterest.com/martelllinsdell/ Influences from others findings;

The vast amount of peer input into the course gave insights into others perceptions and interpretations to the course structure that shaped my own responses. Degrees of digitality/digitalism
( my own terms?)
~digital skills
~digital fluency
~digital confidence
~digital competency
~digital patience!
~digital curiousity
~digital openness
~digital literacy
~digital immersion
~digital environments please
mind the gap/gaps ! Another communication application was signed into:
Thinglink http://www.thinglink.com/user/357296576181305344/scenes Thinglink.
I so need to spend so much more time here.....
I created a series of 'natural /real world' images titled
'Social Network Analysis - Tagging Nature'
this was in response to the Pinterest Portfolio . But did not have the time to develop this encounter over this course period. Reflections on participation;

This has been an intensive and fast paced immersion into digital cultures and thinking.
I have had to let go of a lot of worry about signing onto new applications.
Entering into these new ways of working and expressions have given an insight into potential to develop communications for teaching.
I feel that ideally I would have liked more 'dwelling' time but maybe that is not the nature of the course.
I have become more fluent in switching and linking between applications and to bring them together in this Prezi I would like to thank the #edcmooc team for this exciting experience.
Please keep me on your mailing list for any future events or if there is a post course Tutors hangout to gain more of your reflections. Thank you fellow Mooc-ians.
I have enjoyed the rich
e-learning experience and sense of community in the vast field of digital cultures. Summary of sites where you can find my #edcmooc course interactions;

Twitter; https://twitter.com/speleotel

Newly created for #edcmooc participation:

Word Press Blog http://martellsmooc.wordpress.com

Pinterest boards; http://pinterest.com/martelllinsdell/

Thinglink; http://www.thinglink.com/user/357296576181305344/scenes

Martell Linsdell February 2013
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