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History of computers

No description

Omer Elias

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of History of computers

History of computers
The "Hypertext" is invented.
IBM makes the first floppy disk.
The first super computer and laser printer is introduced
The origins of the internet came to life.
The Email is invented.
The LCD is developed.
Pocket calculator is invented.
The microcomputer is invented.
The Altair 8800 is invented.
Apple Computer is founded.
Modem is invented.
The magnetic tape is invented in the US.
Paul Allen and Bill Gates are hired by IBM.
History of computers
1965 - 2014
A stroll through the history of computers

Dell computer is founded.
Apple releases it's first commercial computer.
Adobe is founded.
Windows 1.0 is released.
IBM introduces the first personal computer for commercial sale.
The first known computer virus was created by a 15 year old.
The world wide web is invented.
Microsoft introduces windows 3.1
Google is founded.
USB is released.
Internet Explorer is released on August 1995
Windows XP editions are released.
YouTube is released in 2005
The IPhone is released.
Firefox 1.0 is introduced.
Microsoft releases windows office 2007.
On September 2nd of 2008 Google Chrome is released
IPhone's 3-6 were released with major improvements .
The very first tablet device known as the IPad is released
PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 are released
3d Printing is made available
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