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Sophie Muldoon

on 12 May 2010

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Ethnicity and Beauty Ethinic Minorities accounted
for 20% of procedures in 2004 (2)

Colonialisim Fanon suggested that Europe
created connotations to gain power
and respect from the Third World. (4) White Skin (4) Black Skin (4) Signifier of Reason

Signifier of
Irrational intuition
Raw Sensuality This advert for skin whitening cream reinforces the myth that white skin is more beautiful by communicating the message that with this cream, Asian males will get attention from women.

Celebrity endorsement has a major impact on selling cosmetic products and in turn dominant ideologies. (6)
In 1990 Root found that African American women accessed the job market successfully if they had a westernized look. (5) European Colonialisim started in 1400 AD
In 2010 these connotations still exsist, non- European Countries are selling the ideology that 'west is best' concerning beauty, keeping the subordinate role in place.

76% of Korean women have
had plastic surgery, this seems to
be a trend, as they believe this makes
them more acceptable and employable .
Successful Ethnic Role Models

cosmetic Surgery has made it possible for non western
women to conform to the Ideology that white beauty holds
more value. These women strive to fit our western
representations of beauty and this takes away their individual identity. "We must recapture our heritage
and our identity if we are ever to liberate
ourselves from the bonds of white
supremacy. We must launch a cultural
revolution" malcolm x (1)
The White beauty myth Secondary Sources

(1) http://abagond.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/black-is-beautiful/
(2) http://www.mynippon.com/pierre/?p=23
(3) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090126151524AA6nEhX
(4) www.wikipedia.co.uk
(6) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/250630.stmBackstage
(7) www.youtube.co.uk
(8) www.google.co.uk/pictures

Topic: Body Modification
Title: “Nip & Tuck”: cosmetic surgery
and reconstructive alterations of the body.
Issue: Search for perfection
Angle: The White Beauty Myth

Chart to show the popularity of cosmetic surgery amongst different ethnicities All women of every ethnicity should value their beauty and history of their race. We should not have one defined mould for beauty, that of a western ideal, as it is not healthy or fair. The ideology of the white elite has been created from the influence of colonialism. The connotations and power colonialism created and imposed on other countries still exist today. Capitalist societies care more about the economical benefits of cosmetic surgery rather then the dangers these ideologies have on women physically and emotionally. Therefore, they encourage 'false needs' for surgery. They have placed pressure on ethnic women, which has destroyed their self confidence, and has encouraged these beauties to endure painful and expensive procedures of cosmetic surgery to achieve a 'western look'
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