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Finally by: Wendy Mass

No description

Chelsea zahn

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Finally by: Wendy Mass

12 Finally
The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I know this book is realistic fiction because the events can happen to anyone in real life.
The setting is in Willow Falls in present day. The story takes place at Rory's house, her school, and at the mall.
Character Traits
The main character Rory, is shy, patience, and clumsy. Rory only has a few friends and isn't very popular so she doesn't communicate much. Rory also has a list of things she wants to do when she turns twelve and she gets herself into a few accidents.
Character Changes
In the beginning of the story Rory is ready to turn twelve, and she can't wait to be able to do everything on her list. Toward the end if the story Rory learns that she's not ready for some things, and some things she can't do.
The conflict of the story is man vs. self, internal. Rory has to face many conflicts and difficult decisions. She has to also decide if she is ready to have the responsibilities of a twelve year old.
Fig. Language
There was alot of figurative lamguage in the book but here are a few."I look like a pirate!" is a simlie.
"I recognize my as the sweetest, softest, most loving bunny in the world" is a another example of a simile.
"Your a big chicken" this is an example of a metaphor.
I think the mood of the of the story is stressful, but suspenceful at the same time. In certain parts it was stressful because Rory had so much going wrong at once, but then you never knew what was going to happen next.
Rory went to Natalie's birthday party, which was the party of the year. Rory bought a dress for it, and she wore makeup and had her hair done. At the party the kids played the kissing game and Rory felt uncomfortable, and she realized that she wasn't ready for all of the changes.
Rory decided she always messes things up, and that she doesn't do anything right. When she had her mom come get her from the party Rory ran into a girl from the dance try outs and her dogs that Rory had saved. Rory went to the girl's house, and found out that she had helped out the girl's whole family.
The theme is that you don't always get what you want. Rory thinks she is ready for lots of privileges, but she learns she not near ready for some of them, and that some things she didn't need to do yet.
When Rory babysat a ten year old girl named Emily, they watched all three of the High School Musical movies. Emily quoted many of the songs from the movies.
Point of View
The point of the view of the story was 1st person. Rory was the narrator of the story. I know this because the book used pronouns like I, me, and my.
By: Chelsea Zahn
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