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early years

No description

xinhua springer

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of early years

Molly's death
Molly died on January 22, 1832, in Carlisle, where a monument commemorates her heroic acts in battle.
In the war
Molly use to bring water to the soldiers. One time, she bring water to the soldiers, but someone tell her that her husband got hurt, so she rushed to her husband cannon, and fight withe the british.
Early years
After the war
Molly Pitcher was a famous woman in the Revolutionary War. She brought water to the soldiers and she did cannons too.
Molly Pitcher was born as Mary Ludwig, at Oct 13, 1954, near Trenton, New Jersey, Philadelphia. Her family was poor, so she never been to school before. She work as a servant as her early life. She went to Carlisle, Pannsylvania, were she met William Hays, a local barber, and they married each other on July 24, 1769. Her husband went to the War, and she went to be the pitcher. She went to the Revolutionary War at July 28, 1778.
Molly did a great job in the war, but no one say "Good job, Molly." They always says good job man, good job soldiers. Molly didn't got hurt in the war. After war, Molly married her second husband John McCauley and worked in the State House in Carlisle.
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