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No description

Breanna Fike

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of Emma

Critical Reviews Emma Characterization Figurative Language Emma is a match-maker Emma dotes Harriets portrait Irony Jane Austen She wrote 6 novels.
She was the seventh out of eight children.
She never married.
She is buried at Winchester Cathedral.
She died at age 42 from Addison’s disease. http://www.amazon.com/Emma-Penguin-Classics-Jane-Austen/dp/0141439580 Protagonist Antagonist Inciting Force Foil Major Characters Minor Characters Round Character Dynamic Character Flat Characters Personification: Onomatopoeia: Alliteration: Simile: Imagery: Metaphor: Hyperbole: Point of View: Third-Person Limited Emma Woodhouse Emma Mrs. Woodhouse
Miss Churchill
Mr. Churchill
Mrs. Churchill
Mr. Perry
Mrs. Bates
Mrs. Goddard
Miss Nash
Henry Knightley
John Knightley
Mr. Wingfield
Mrs. Campbell
Mr. Cole
Mrs. Cole
Miss Campbell Emma Woodhouse
George Knightley
Mrs. Weston
Mr. Woodhouse
Jane Fairfax
Mr. Elton
Robert Martin Miss. Taylor marries Isabella Knightley Emma Woodhouse
Isabella Knightley
Mr. Woodhouse
Harriet Emma “And here are we, probably with rather thinner clothing than usual, setting
forward voluntarily, without excuse, in defiance of the voice of nature..." Page: 80 "Mr. John Knightley was a tall, gentleman-like, and very clever man, rising in his profession; domestic, and respectable in his private character." Page: 65 "Emma enjoyed herself extremely." Page: 95 "The pieces of furniture seemed more frozen in their places, about to lose themselves in the shadow as in an ocean of darkness." Page: 147 "She listened to the click-clat of the horses' hooves outside the carriage." Page: 110 "The letter was short, and Harriet read it fourty times before looking up." Page: 183 "Her expression was as cold as winter." Page: 207 Irony of situation Irony of Situation Foreshadowing "She felt as though spring would not pass without bringing a crisis..." Mr. Knightley says that Harriet is not a good friend for Emma. Dancing Marriage Symbolism Social Conduct Themes: Miscommunication "She believed he had been drinking too much of Mr. Weston's good wine, and felt sure he would want to be talking of nonsense." She was extremely angry with herself. Emma vs. Emma Mr. Woodhouse vs. Mr. Knightley Conflict Man vs. Self Man vs. Man Plot Line Exposition Miss Taylor gets married Rising action Emma tries to play matchmaker and Harriet gets hurt Climax Emma realizes her feelings for Mr. Knightley as Harriet professes hers Falling Action Resolution Emma gets married to Mr. Knightley Harriet and Jane get married to socially stable and wealthy men
Emma matures
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